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    ?How to Run a Successful RPG?

    On May 3rd, Joe Carriker, developer for White Wolf?s Vampire: the Requiem game line, was invited to attend Criminal Records and Aurora Coffee?s Free C...

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    An excerpt from the upcoming character book

    Lords of Summer offers Changeling players a detailed look at freeholds and how they operate, allowing them to create particularly vivid ...

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    The June 4th Hunter: The Vigil teaser

    Hunter: The Vigil is a horror game, a game about humans taking control from the exploitative monsters of the World of Darkness. As such, the wo...

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    Electronic Coupon for 20% off WoD: Book of Spirits

    For one day only ? this Friday, the 13th of June, White Wolf is offering a discount on World of Darkness: Book of Spirits. Naturally, this is a specia...

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    July 11 preview on Group Tactics in Hunter: the Vigil


    The monsters of the World of Darkness stay secretive for good reason. One human being isn?t dangerous, even if he has train...

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    Individual PDFs from Bloodlines: The Hidden available at

    Alternative Publishing Developer, Eddy Webb, has worked with our friends at to offer something new for our Vampire: The Requiem fans....

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    Play in the world of Eddy Webb's Creation

    New Exeter: 1939 - In a crumbling East Coast metropolis ground under the heel of the Great Depression, a fractious council of mages convene to ...

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    Fresh from the desk of Craig Grant

    Untamed, Primal, Dangerous. At the edges of civilization, they prowl.

    Desktop wallpaper art featuring the Gangrel Clan from Vampire: The Re...

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    Changeling takes Gold!

    This past Friday at Gencon, the annual ENnie awards were presented in the Westin Grand Ballroom. The following products from White Wolf were recognize...

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    White Wolf Freelance Developer and Writer talks with Jeremy Jones

    Jess Hartley, known to White Wolf fans for her novel Exlated: In Northern Twilight, along with her contributions to Changeling and Hunter, among other...

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    Endrunde gestartet


    hite Wolf zeigt die 4 Finalisten des Hunter Trailer Wettbewerbes. Fans die sich vom neuen Regelwerk der Weißen Wölfe haben inspirieren lassen hatten die Chance ihre Inspiration in Ton und Bild umzusetzen.Im Original steht:

    White Wolf is pleased to announce the 4 finalists in the YouTube portion of our Hunter trailer contest. Announced on June 20, as part of the celebrations leading up to the release of Hunter: the Vigil at GenCon - this contest is a chance for fans with vision and creativity to take inspiration from some text and art elements offered by the company and use that to craft their own vision of this next genre in the World of Darkness.

    The 4 trailers can be seen at the following links below:

    Choice 1:
    Choice 2:
    Choice 3:
    Choice 4:

    Vote for your favorite through the Poll on our White Wolf Live Journal, at the link below.

    The Poll will close on Monday September 1, 2008 at Midnight EST.

    Details on the Flash Trailer contest will be forthcoming in the next few days!

    White Wolf
    Hunter: the Vigil

    Copyright © 2008 Dominik für den Rollenspiel Almanach.
    Danke für das Abonnieren meines Feeds!
    Der Almanach –
    Dein Blog mit täglich frischen News aus der deutsch- und englischsprachigen Rollenspiel-Szene. Garniert mit Rezensionen, Conberichten, Projektvorstellungen, Spielmaterialien, Downloads, Artikel zu besonderen Themen, Verschollenem und vielem mehr!
    Merkwürdig geschriebene Berichte über interessante Dinge!
    (Digital Fingerprint:
    e1a7e4fd78c4d9275a3b9b5c268c7021) 2008, GenCon, Hunter: the Vigil, Wettbewerb, White Wolf, World of Darkness, youtube
    Verwandte Artikel

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    Oct 27 - Nov 1, 2008

    This Halloween season join White Wolf Developer Eddy Webb on a cruise from New Orleans with port stops in Mexico and back again.

    TRICK OR ...

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    Eddy Webb, AP developer, and our friends at DTR have made a new PDF offering available today. This week we celebrate our ENnie-award winning ?Product ...

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    and Vampire Developer Joe Carriker

    White Wolf?s Organized Play Director and all around marketing guy, Oscar Garza made it onto the growing list of industry insiders interviewed on the P...

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    The Rose-Bride's Plight

    A cold war between Spring and Winter threatens to tear the freehold apart.

    Broken oaths, betrayals and bitter memories have widened the ch...

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    In today’s Open Grave preview, we introduce a new campaign arc: in a kingdom ruled by vampires, the PCs must work against and eventually overthrow the inhuman sovereigns.

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    New PDF Bundle at DTR!

    Blood and Madness

    Vampires: blood-drinking creatures of the night. Horrors born of darkness, whose sole purpose in life - unlife, act...

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    Issue 108 of Game Trade Magazine is available now and has four pages of material taken from Dancers in the Dusk. If you wanted to get a peak at the ne...

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    New PDF product exclusively at DTR

    <i>Do you remember the 80s? Not that bubble-gum garbage you see on those so-called 'music networks,' but the real 80s? World War III was always on the...

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