signierte T-Shirts - wann? & wo?


hat zufällig jemand eine ahnung wann und wo man mr. jackson und / oder mr. kovalic antreffen kann um sich etwas signieren zu lassen???
AW: signierte T-Shirts - wann? & wo?

SJ wil be mostly in the US this year.
I haven't heard when he'll be back at Spiel, Lucca or any other European convention.

JK, I expect, might maybe go Lucca again. He seems to like it there.
Spiel, I think, is out since that's around the birthday of his daughter.

Greg Hyland (Munchkin Fu) has never been to a European convention.

Frank Tibosch (Dutch Munchkin 2 shirt) is often at Spiel, but the shirts are out-of-print.

[fnord], [fnord], [fnord] and [fnord] ([fnord) shirt) might be at Spiel, or maybe not.
Can't say.

That's all the signatures I know of that gives bonusses.
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