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  1. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Monday December 22, 2003

    H: Yes, I’ve put Bell on the matter as a condition of his reinstatement. Beckett is as good as ash. --Pascek
  2. Sanguis

    Sanguis Sanguis de Alá

    Tuesday December 23, 2003
    Egypt Struck by Mysterious SIDS Outbreak

    CAIRO, EGYPT - A mysterious and massive outbreak of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS, has sparked panic and fears of an epidemic or worse in Egypt and throughout parts of the Middle East. Over the past week, over 600 newborns between the ages of six weeks and less than 24 hours have died of unexplained causes in hospitals throughout Egypt. Physicians and medical experts say that while sudden and unexplained deaths do occur with some infants, the breadth of this outbreak is completely unprecedented and may represent an unknown infection of some kind. ?SIDS is not a contagious disease,? says Dr. Mariq Hanoush of Cairo. ?This epidemic clearly involves something beyond simply random chance. Frankly, we?re at a loss.? Egyptian authorities have declared a state of emergency and called upon the assistance of the World Health Organization. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have also volunteered experts and resources to aid in both isolating and containing the cause of the fatalities.

    Höchstwahrscheinlich hat es etwas mit dem Mumienmetaplot zu tun, aber damit kenne ich mich nicht wirklich aus. Andererseits könnten auch die Dämonen verantwortlich sein, aber dann hätte man wohl was von "first born children" geschrieben.
  3. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Wednesday December 24, 2003
    ‘Vampires’ Attack Parisian Crowd

    PARIS, FRANCE—Members of a self-professed vampire gang known as the Sabbat demonstrated the supernatural powers at their command last night. Before an assembled crowd at a political rally, the Sabbat vampires proclaimed their superiority over the “kine,” and chaos ensued as the vampires attempted to feed on human blood. Those present reported manifest “tentacles of darkness,” the vampires moving at superhuman speed and exhibitions of superhuman strength, such as tearing a fire hydrant from its moorings and flipping a police cruiser. Whether this was an elaborate prank or not remains to be seen.

    Monday December 29, 2003
    South Pole Rocked by Earthquake

    MCMURDO COASTAL STATION, ANTARCTICA—A powerful earthquake, measuring 8.3 on the Richter scale, yesterday shook the polar plateau of Antarctica, opening a crevasse some 30 miles long and half a mile wide. A Russian scientific team crossing the plateau at the time is reported lost. In related news, stories are trickling in from across the Southern Hemisphere of people experiencing strange dreams the night of the quake, dreams of a shadowy figure emerging from frozen ground.
  4. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Tuesday December 30, 2003
    Strange Airship Broadcasts Enigmatic Warning to Paris

    PARIS, FRANCE—A massive metal Zeppelin appeared above the city this morning, transmitting messages to every radio, television and computer screen in the region from a man calling himself “Czar Vargo, Master of the World.” In what he claimed was his “final message,” Vargo offered emigration to a new world of technological wonders for those who accepted his terms. “You denied my overtures for peace at the beginning of the last century. Now is your last chance. Accept universal brotherhood and join our hidden Utopia. Reject it, and you reap the ruin of your own unreason.”
  5. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Wednesday December 31, 2003
    Bermuda Triangle Glows

    MELBOURNE, FLORIDA—Satellite imagery, airplane over-flights and eye witnesses all agree that the Bermuda Triangle has been visibly glowing for the last week. This portion of the North Atlantic, defined by the southern tip of the state of Florida, the Bahamas and the Greater Antilles, has long been a region of strange phenomena, and oceanographers are at a loss to explain the yellow light now bathing the area. Reports of ships being pulled under the waves by huge tentacles, and of mythical mermaids swimming through the phosphorescent water, are only adding to the mania surrounding the phenomenon.
  6. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Friday January 2, 2004
    //intercept/source— amenti.org//:

    My dear lady:

    I’m afraid that I, too, am at a loss. As per the council’s request, I bent a considerable portion of my efforts of late to the task of getting a hold of Count Tjeby. As the Avenger knows, Tjeby has always been good about heeding both the will and the call of the council, and I had expected this occasion to be no different. After I had grown sure that conventional means would simply not suffice, I endeavored to discern his location through mystical means (which was, I assume, why you came to me specifically). What I was certainly not prepared for, however, was the utter failure of those means as well.

    This turn of events leads me to a single, inexorable conclusion: Our esteemed brother is no longer among the living. This would be no cause for concern, but for the current state of affairs in Duat. If our old friend was indeed forced into a death cycle now—with Neter-khertet the way it is—I fear greatly what may have become of him.
  7. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Monday January 5, 2004
    //intercept/source— hunter-net.org//

    The time for our new world has begun. -- Witness1
  8. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Tuesday January 6, 2004
    Italian Cultists Claim Responsibility for Kidnappings

    PALERMO, SICILY—Members of the cult calling itself the Society of the Nascent Flood today claimed credit for a mass kidnapping, claiming that those abducted would be used to feed the thirsts of their undead masters.
  9. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Wednesday January 7, 2004
    //intercept/source—radio broadcast 23 MHz//:

    Help us! The sky has broken open over Ar-Ramadi and the sun is blotted out. It rains blood and fire. Demons walk the streets and speak the name of Vaniel, their master. Most of the population has been enslaved and made to tear down their homes to build a grand citadel to the Dark One. They’re coming for me—
  10. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Thursday January 8, 2004
    Island of Hawaii Destroyed by Volcanoes

    HONOLULU, HAWAII—The island of Hawaii was destroyed today in a massive explosion, as the volcanoes Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea erupted with more force than even the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa. The eruptions are the latest in a series of freak volcanic eruptions, as active, dormant and even presumed extinct volcanoes across the globe erupt in full force.
  11. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Friday January 9, 2004

    Honored Bone Ancestor: In these darkest of times, I find the call of the Hundred Clouds has grown so loud I can no longer ignore it. The cycle is over. I move on. —Kuro-sama
  12. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Monday January 12, 2004
    San Francisco Population Joins Spontaneous Rave

    SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA—An unprecedented rave took place simultaneously at nearly every location in the city last night, drawing almost every resident into its wild revels. The so-called “Avatar Trance” was sponsored by two groups, the Waydown Viktae and the Bay Area Bacchantes. Police and FBI attempts to shut down the city-wide dance party failed completely, and authorities were baffled by malfunctioning equipment and the “conversion” of officers and agents to the ecstatic vibe.
  13. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Tuesday January 13, 2004

    The Final Battle has arrived. Margrave Yuri Konietzko and Queen Tamara Tvarivich call all warriors of Gaia to join with them to defeat the Wyrm at last. Forces gather at the Sept of the Night Sky. Do not tarry!
  14. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Wedenesday January 14, 2004
    Last words form Antarctica

    The crew of the American Antarctic coastal station has vanished shortly after a desperate email was dispatched to Washington, DC. The text of the email was simply, "The blood gods are here." Communications with Palmer coastal station have been similarly silent.
  15. Durden

    Durden Verehrer des Morgensterns

    AW: time of judgement - newsticker

    Der Tod von Crusader17 (05. August 2003) wird im ToJ Prolog "Righ And Wrong" auf S.10 beschrieben. Mehr sage ich erst einmal nicht (Spoiler).
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