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  1. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Friday September 26, 20 03
    Mass Grave Uncovered in Atlanta

    ATLANTA, GEORGIA—Civil engineers recently unearthed what appeared to be a squatter colony in a sewer junction beneath the streets of Atlanta. Upon further inspection, the subterranean structure turned out to be some type of crypt, as bodies were found in extreme stages of decay and disfigurement. Doctors suggest the makeshift tomb might have been a yellow fever (or other epidemic) mass grave not unlike the ones found in nearby Savannah. Others remain dubious, as the bodies seemed too fresh to have been buried at the time of the yellow fever threat.

    Das ganze sieht stark nach einem schlecht durchdachten Nosferatubau aus, oder es könnte sich um die überreste einer Sabbatparty handeln.

    Monday September 29, 2003

    To Her Majesty Penangallan Queen Laiami Kai: It is the opinion of this humble soul that the symptom you report has become widespread among the Kuei-jin. Although none would report directly on such matters, several mandarins and ancients are said to have called for the arrival of no small number of mortals from whom they can draw Chi. As with your majesty, these worthies have long been able to draw Chi from the air itself, so their sudden need for living blood bodes ill for the Great Wheel. I remain your dedicated servant.

    Irgendetwas läuft gerade ziemlich schief, da Keuis die weit in ihrem Dharma vorangeschritten sind, plötzlich Chi nur noch über Blut aufnehmen können.

    Tuesday September 30, 2003
    Lightshow in New Mexico Reveals \'Angels\'

    LOS LUNAS, NEW MEXICO—Residents of Los Lunas reportedly witnessed a fiery light show in the skies over their city shortly after midnight last night. Umberto Reyes, a local resident, claims to have seen three angelic figures fighting "a winged monster" amid the churning clouds, using "swords and spears of pure lightning." Reyes claims the battle raged directly over his small farm, lasting from midnight until nearly 3:00 AM, until one of the angels "split the monster open and pulled out its heart" with a resounding thunderclap that shook local houses to the foundations. Authorities and emergency services as far away as Albuquerque confirm that a sonic boom shattered windows and knocked items from their shelves at three o\'clock that morning, but believe the shockwave was generated by a low-flying military supersonic aircraft. Less easily explained are the cataracts that have stolen Reyes\' eyesight and the sudden hair loss that local health officials say closely resembles severe radiation poisoning.

    Wirklich epischer Kampf zwischen Dämonen.

    Wednesday October 1, 2003

    The sun is gone. But I have a light. The fire is coming for us all.— God45

    Joschua Matthews und God45 sind ein und die selbe Person (bzw God45 ist sein HunterNet Nick). Scheinbar hat er einen Plan, wobei ich nicht wissen möchtes was das bedeutet...er ist Wayward Extremist.
  2. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Thursday October 2, 2003
    Underground Collapse in New York

    NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK—Three people were killed, dozens injured and traffic was snarled in Midtown Manhattan when a half-block of 43rd Street near Times Square collapsed early this morning. Several yards of the blacktop fell in, overturning vehicles and releasing foul-smelling gasses. City engineers theorize that the destruction resulted from the collapse of the so-called "dragon\'s graveyard," the underground facilities for the New York Times\' decommissioned printing presses. In a disturbing side note, witnesses report that thousands of sewer rats swarmed out of the fissures caused by the collapse.

    Ganz klar, Tzimi wird aktiver. Siehe hierzu auch den entsprechden Beitrag hier im Forum.
  3. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Friday October 3, 2003
    Temple Mount Violence Kills 31

    JERUSALEM, ISRAEL—One of the holiest sites in the world became a site of religious and political violence today as Jews and Muslims clashed outside the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. The Muslim mosque is built on the site of the ancient Hebrew Temple and overlooks the so-called Wailing Wall, the last remains of the Temple and holiest site in Judaism. Riots broke out today after local airwaves were suddenly (and thus far, inexplicably) flooded with a recorded message stating in both Hebrew and Arabic that, "The temple will be rebuilt." Authorities say that Muslims at the Mount tried to eject Jews from the area around the Wall, while Jews tried to enter the Dome of the Rock itself. Thirty-one people were dead before the time authorities arrived to quell the riot.

    Dass der Tempel wieder aufgebaut werden soll, klingt sehr stark nach Demon, besonders da das Jüdische Volk die Geheimwaffe Luzifers ist.
  4. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Monday October 6, 2003

    I arrived in Damascus following the traces of that which I will not yet name. They led me to the lair of Bistakh, the Kurdish daughter of Alamut who has lived there since the Crusades. I found only ashes upon her sleeping bier, and the smells of blood and desert sand lingering in the air. I continue my search. --FaF

    Bistakh ist eine Ranghohe Assamitin, welche fliehen mußte (bin mir nicht ganz sicher). FaF wird wohl Fatima sein.
  5. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Tuesday October 7, 2003
    Water Supply Spiked with Hallucinogens in Washington State Town

    WALLA WALLA, WASHINGTON—Local police and emergency departments were flooded with over a dozen calls last night relating to unexplained sightings in the city of Faro, WA, approximately 50 miles from Walla Walla. Officials have traced the cause to a large quantity of hallucinogenic drug introduced into the town’s drinking water supply. Consultants from the Walla Walla Police Department have not as yet identified the substance. A review of recorded phone calls, however, contained similar testimony relating to "lights" and "disembodied sounds" in the homes of Faro residents. The wide sampling of similar reports suggests the same chemical affected all 15 witnesses. Scientific experts will arrive in town this weekend to conduct further inquiries.

    Scheint so als wäre eine größere Menge Pigment ins Trinlwasser gelangt, wodurch die Bevölkerung Geister sehen konnte.

    Wednesday October 8, 2003

    I accept the title Ard Righ in memory of Bron Mac Fionn, who died in battle with the Banes of the Wyrm. Now is the time when all Garou must stand together to face our enemies. I thus intend to pledge myself to the grand alliance Margrave Konietzko has established for this very purpose. This is the time to be counted! --Son-of-Moonlight

    Bron ist ein Hochkönig der Fianna, er versuchte den Pakt mit den Feen zu erneuern. Konietzko ist ein Schattenlord der die Garou des Balkans unter sich vereinte, wenn Brons Nachfolger einen Pakt mit ihm eingeht, bedeutet es, dass die Garou immer mehr zusammen wächst.
  6. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Thursday October 9, 2003
    Upstate New York Mountain Man Surrenders Drenched in Blood

    LAKE PLACID, NEW YORK—A man identified as Eneas Zoetope stumbled into an Upstate New York town today, completely covered in blood and gore. He surrendered to the authorities, saying only "Revenge is done. Now my sister can rest." Police continue to question him as to who the blood belongs to and where the bodies are, but all he has said so far is "Nunnehi."

    Eneas ist ein Satyr dessen Schwester von einem Nunnehi gefressen wurde, seid dem, ist er auf Rache aus. Scheinbar hat er sein Ziel erreicht.
  7. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Friday October 10, 2003
    Chicago \'Vampire-Hunter\' Escapes Federal Custody

    CHICAGO, ILLINOIS—Federal agents of hush-hush Project: Twilight refused to comment on the escape from their custody of Nathaniel Bordruff, whom they apprehended two days ago. Federal agents refused even to confirm Bordruff’s identity, although local law enforcement officials were more forthcoming. Bordruff himself claimed to be "fighting vampires," though members of the recently exposed "blood cult" insisted that Bordruff himself was a vampire.

    Vampire/ Eos:
    Nathaniel ist ein Nosferatu, was wohl erklärt weshalb er entkommen konnte. Projekt Twilight ist die Abteilung des FBI\'s die sich mit dem Übernatürlichen beschäftigt.
  8. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Monday October 13, 2003
    Riots and Explosion Mar Spontaneous Indian Pilgrimage

    CALCUTTA, INDIA—Indian authorities were all but helpless today as mobs of people gathered along the shores of the sacred Ganges River, claiming to be there to witness “the ascension of the demon avatars.” The gathering turned violent when, after attendees had waded out into the river, an explosion of unknown origin rocked the scene. The crowd rioted, resulting in the deaths of well over 100 people and nearly five times that number injured. Witnesses claimed to have seen burning figures walking on the surface of the river and four-armed avatars (described as manifestations of Hindu gods) attacking people and drinking their blood. Indian authorities have declared a state of emergency and imposed martial law in an effort to restore order.

    Vielleicht eine verbindung dazu, dass alte KJ Chi nur noch aus Blut gewinnen können?
  9. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Tuesday October 14, 2003
    Radio Caller Warns of \'Monsters Among Us\'

    ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA—Before being cut off during a broadcast of the Charlie Krongold Show, broadcast live on NPR stations nationwide, a caller identifying himself only as "Bookworm" launched into the following tirade earlier today: "They say the end is coming—and it is—but what if we can stop it from really being the final, game-over end? We can fortify ourselves. We can be good people. Lead by example. Monsters flourish like germs. If we keep a good, clean environment, the beasts can\'t get a foothold. We\'ve let them go too long, and now the conspiracy is entrenched. But we can stop it! Society can still heal. These don\'t need to be our last days. The tunnel is going to be long and dark, but we can make it through to the other side. We can find our virtue to stop the monst—"

    Bookworm ist ein Jäger, welche viele Nachforschungen über die Monster angestellt aht und versucht sie zu verstehen. Scheinbar hat er etwas wichtiges herraus gefunden und versuchte es an die Öffentlichkeit zu bringen.
  10. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Wednesday October 15, 2003
    DC Blackout Lifts After Mayor Backs Down on \'Degenerate Cult\'

    WASHINGTON, DC—The nation\'s capital returned to calm—and daylight—this morning, shortly after the mayor retracted his earlier comments that an alternative religion calling itself the Church of Abaddon Ascendant was a "degenerate cult," and further promised to protect the organization from "persecution" by law enforcement agencies. The crisis began two days ago when a police raid on the Church of Abaddon Ascendant\'s newly built temple left 12 churchgoers and four police officers dead. That evening, an anonymous caller reportedly phoned the office of the mayor demanding that he and his officials "bow before the Ebon King who waits." Immediately thereafter the city was plunged into inexplicable darkness, touching off bloody riots that continued despite the declaration of martial law and the deployment of National Guard troops, tanks and helicopters.

    Abaddon war einer der fünf Erzdämonen die in Luzifers Namen eine der fünf Legionen lenkten. Wie die anderen auch ist er seid einer halben ewigkeit bereits auf der Erde und ist aber erst kürzlich wieder erwacht. Scheinbar kam jemand dem Kult zusammen und Abaddon machte sich die Mühe (*lach*) und hat entweder Washington für zwei Tage in vollständige Dunkelheit gestürtzt oder einfach nur den Strom ausgeknipst. Je nachdem wie man es übersetzt.
  11. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Thursday October 16, 2003
    Ash Man Cult Murderers Still On the Run

    GERLACH, NEVADA—Police have yet to announce arrests of the fugitive religious cult members who attempted to burn victims alive at last weekend’s Ash Man festival. The famed annual counterculture event draws thousands of devotees and tourists to a desert location outside Gerlach, Nevada. The Bright Foundation, a religious organization based in Las Vegas, had been using the event to recruit followers. Several regular attendees of the festival left their homes and jobs to commit themselves to a "Family Compound" in the Nevada desert. Spokespersons for the Bright Foundation deny that their organization was involved in the violent incident, but federal officials have convened an investigation of the group.

    Mage oder Demon:
    Ist wohl angelehnt an das amerikanische "Burning Man Festival"; Klingt entweder nach einem degenerierten Gruppe vom Kult der Ekstase oder einem Demonen Kult der ein Ritual durchführen wollte.

    Friday October 17, 2003

    An army, I say. An army of bakemono is on the march through Mongolia with an ancient dead creature at its head. Dorbul the Brave, they call him, and they have already overthrown the Tiger’s Throat dragon nest. Only I escaped. --Three Whispers

    Dorbul der Mutige ist der Erschaffer der Blutlinie der Anda (und 4. Gen) ist mit einer Armee von Fomorern auf der Reise und übernimmt Drachennester. Klingt nach einem ziemlich derben Pakt. Nicht gut...

    Monday October 20, 2003
    Syrians Protest US \'Fanaticism\'

    DAMASCUS, SYRIA—Massive protests took place in Syria and much of the rest of the Arab World today over US rhetoric that some have called fanatic. Syrian government officials, speaking to the protestors in Damascus, decried the "Christian fanaticism being spouted by America." This comes one day after the newly installed American administrator in Iraq called his agenda in the region "advancing the plan laid out for us in Scripture." Despite a stream of communiqués from Washington arguing that the ambassador was referring to Christian charity, sources inside the interim authority in Baghdad claim that many top officials are now "reading Revelations for policy choices.

    Nicht nur die Welt der Übernatürlichen dreht durch, sondern auch bei den Sterblichen läuft so einiges schief. An dieser Nachricht kann man erkennen, dass die Regierungen immer extremer werden. Würde ich sagen...

    Tuesday October 21, 2003
    Gases and Night Fires Follow Scottish Quake

    ACHNASHEEN, SCOTLAND—The town of Achnasheen was the center of an unexpected burst in seismic activity last night, registering 4.3 on the Richter scale. Residents report sulfurous odors rising from the ground in nearby fields, and several people claim to have seen greenish lights, like flames, on the hilltops at night.

    Der Auftriit sieht extrem stark nach Wyrm aus, scheinbar konnte sich etwas sehr Gefährliches Befreien. Schottland ist eh seid dem Fall der Weißen Heuler eine Hochburg des Wyrms.

    Wednesday October 22, 2003

    Twelve of us have come from far, three of us dying on the scarred ground of Bangladesh. We have but one message. Prepare, for Voormas has taken the Realm of Entropy.

    KdL - Mage X-Over:
    12 haben es erreicht, drei wurden vernichtet => bezieht sich wohl auf Bothavistas, besonders auf die drei die im Kampf mit Ravnos vernichtet wurden.
    Voormas ist ein Euthanatos, welcher ein Ritual im Reich der Entropie durchführen möchte durch das er die Welt vernichten möchte und selber zum Dämon werden soll, oder so was in der Art. Scheinbar steht er kurz davor sein Ziel zu erreichen.

    Thursday October 23, 2003
    450 Die in ‘Rain of Fire’ in Jerusalem

    JERUSALEM, ISRAEL—Local residents and religious leaders were horrified last night by a shower of sulfurous rock that left blazing trails across the cloudy sky and caused untold damage among Jerusalem’s holiest shrines. The rain of fire and brimstone began at midnight and lasted until just before dawn, causing fires and spawning clouds of noxious fumes that left close to 450 people dead and thousands injured.

    Oh ja, das Ende der Welt ist verdammt nah... klingt nach einem derben Angriff eines Earthbound.
  12. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Friday October 24, 2003

    One minute the LA skyline was normal. Then it was just there. This massive goddamn black shape. Like an old church, a Gothic cathedral, but enormous. More than enormous. I think it was at least a mile wide, more than a hundred stories high. It threw me, but I thought it was a vision or a waking dream, something thrown at me by ‘them.’ Then I heard plates falling to the floor beside me. I looked around, and the waitress at the café was just staring at the building, jaw on the floor. She could see it too.

    Jetzt wirds lustig... die Kathedrale die in LA erschienen ist, könnte sehr Wahrscheinlich ein Teil von Luzifers Festung gewesen sein, die sich wieder in unsere Realität geschoben hat, bzw. beschworen wurde. Alternativ könnte ein anderer Dämon (Fiend?) auch eine Bastion aus Schatten beschworen haben, wäre nicht ganz so beeidruckend wie Ghenninom, aber immerhin...
  13. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Monday October 27, 2003
    LA Couple Says Daughter Abducted by Blood Cult

    LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA—Mr. Jonathan Cross and his wife Alexandra appeared last night on local television channels pleading for the return of their daughter Jenna, said to have been abducted by one of the many blood cults now making the news. They describe her abductor as a bearded New Age guru calling himself “Smiling Jack.”

    Smiling Jack hat ein Kind entführt? Dafür gibt es wohl nur recht wenige Erklärungen (außer das er Blut brauchte). Vielleicht eine verbindung zur letzten Tochter Evas?
    Edit: Hauptzweck dieser Meldung ist wohl zu zeigen, dass Smiling Jack noch lebt, nachdem er seid einiger Zeit als vernichtet galt.
  14. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Tuesday October 28, 2003
    Violence and Madness Grip OSU Campus

    COLUMBUS, OHIO—The Ohio State University campus became a battleground yesterday afternoon as two groups of assailants engaged in what appears to have been a running gun battle, lasting a full eight hours. Witnesses also report a variety of sights during the chaos, including the appearance of such fanciful beings as dragons and elves. No sign of such beasts were uncovered after the battle ended, but authorities are reportedly at a loss as to the motives or identities of the combatants. Those arrested at the scene are seemingly suffering from acute amnesia and deny any memory of a battle, much less any fairy tale monsters. Sixteen people died during the violence.

    Drachen und Elfen? Und keiner kann sich richtig daran erinnern? Ganz eindeutig Wechselbalg.
  15. PLG

    PLG SL

    Wednesday October 29, 2003
    Bloodied Man With No Pulse Escapes Detroit Hospital

    DETROIT, MICHIGAN—A man reportedly staggered into an area emergency room last night, covered in blood and claiming to have been attacked in the night. Doctors found no vital signs when they conducted tests. His heart rate was zero, and he did not appear to be breathing. When doctors attempted to place the man in a secured facility for further study, the man grew enraged and fought his way out of the hospital, vanishing into the night.

    Scheinbar handelt es sich dabei um einen Caitiffen (oder sonstigen Kainiten der nicht über sein neues "Leben" informiert wurde) der sich der Öffentlichkeit präsentierte. Dies soll wohl ein weiteres Zeichen dafür sein, dass die Maskerade langsam brökelt.
  16. Perikles

    Perikles Zwergen Söldner a.D.

    Thursday October 30, 2003

    Do not come to the Wheel of Ptah caern in Morocco. The Garou there have contracted the Red Death, a plague that resists their healing abilities. The Red Death already spreads to your lands—do not seek it out.

    Soweit meine Englischkenntnisse ausreichen dürfte es sich um die Verseuchung eines Caerns durch den Wyrm drehen
  17. Perikles

    Perikles Zwergen Söldner a.D.

    Friday October 31, 2003
    UN Authorizes World Advisory Council to Fight Terrorist ‘Nine’

    NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK—The United Nations Security Council today granted extraterritorial law-enforcement powers to the World Advisory Council. Staffed by members of the international intelligence, military and scientific communities, the Council’s expertise will be used to dismantle the infrastructure of The Nine, a terrorist organization credited with attacks worldwide. Advisors will assist global military and law enforcement as well as manage member nations’ detention camps. The demand for outside assistance comes in the wake of the deaths of 54 FBI agents who attempted to apprehend members of the so-called “Akashic Brotherhood.” The cult is one of many fringe cells that US State Department officials accuse of using psychotropic chemicals and biological weapons to fulfill The Nine’s anarchist, apocalyptic agenda.

    Tja das FBI hat sich mit der Bruderschaft Akashas angelegt und eins auf die Mütze bekommen, als es versucht hat den "Kult" wegen biologischen und psychotropischen Chemikalien zu zerschlagen.

    Edit von PLG
    Es scheint eher so, als ob die Technokratische Union unter dem Deckmantel des FBI\'s gegen den Rat der Neun als ganzes vorgegangen ist und dabei halt auf Widerstand der Bruderschaft gestoßen sind. Der letzte Satz dürfte sich auf einige Anschläge der Traditionen während des Erleuchtungskrieges beziehen, welche in der Öffentlichkeit nur durch Drogen und Biologische Waffen zu erklären ist.
  18. Perikles

    Perikles Zwergen Söldner a.D.

    Monday November 3, 2003
    Unexplained Solar Eclipse Baffles Astronomers

    CAIRO, EGYPT—International authorities were today baffled by what they could only call an “unexplained phenomenon” involving a total solar eclipse seen in the Middle East. No eclipse was expected, since the moon’s orbit does not bring it directly in front of the sun for another two months, when an eclipse is expected to occur across parts of North America. Nonetheless, the event appeared exactly like a solar eclipse and obscured the face of the sun as visible in Cairo, Alexandria and parts of Palestine, Syria and Saudi Arabia. The “eclipse” lasted for just over 20 minutes, and was filmed by numerous media outlets in the region, as well as by members of the Ashuki Corporation. Though explanations have been offered, ranging from orbiting space debris to a close pass by a “rogue” asteroid, experts have dismissed these theories as “highly unlikely.”

    Ka aus welchem sys das ist :/ bitte edit
  19. Perikles

    Perikles Zwergen Söldner a.D.

    Tuesday November 4, 2003
    Atlanta Billboards Warn of Doomsday

    ATLANTA, GEORGIA—Atlanta citizens woke this morning to find billboards across their city bearing the message, “The end of the world is nigh.” All these billboards were leased by a man who simply goes by the name “Violin,” but sources say that the checks paying for their rental were signed by a William Hannon.

    Anmerkung von PLG:

    Violin99 besitzt noch einen kleinen Verlag, über den Fyodor seine Apokryphen verbreiten konnte. Zudem ist Violin nicht Admin des Hunter.Nets, sondern ein zurückgezogener Hermit.
  20. PLG

    PLG SL

    Wednesday November 5, 2003

    Cal: The weakness returned last night, worse than ever before and at the worst possible time. I was forced into a meeting with one of the MacNeils, and he obviously sensed that something had stricken me. Instead of leaving me be, he pressed the advantage he thought he had, trying to get me to agree to his terms. If he hadn’t pushed me…Fuck it, that’s the way these things are. I woke up from the frenzy with his blood down my throat and his corpse falling to ash between my fingers. It’ll be hard to explain, but at least the weakness has passed for now. --Tara

    Scheinbar wird das Tier in den letzten Nächten stärker. Das ganze erinnert mich ganz leicht an Ravnos Fluch, aber nur in einer sehr Schwachen Variante. Das ist aber reine Spekulation.
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