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  1. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Hier können die newsticker-Meldungen zur time of judgement gesammelt werden. - Diese Meldungen vervollständigen sich hoffentlich zu einem ganzheitlichen Bild der Ereignisse bis zur time of judgement.

    Diskussionen dazu bitte in eigenen Themen unter Vampire, Werwolf oder WoD !!

    Monday July 28, 2003
    150-Year-Old Man Seen at London Soiree

    LONDON, ENGLAND -- Page two of the Times "Society" section today featured a photograph taken at a recent black-tie dinner held by London’s historic Taurus Club. Identified as present in the photograph was none other than Mr. Eric Baring-Gould -- a man missing and presumed dead since the winter of 1880.

    Eric Baring-Gould ist ein in London lebender Toreador

    Tuesday July 29, 2003
    Mt. Etna Erupts Without a Trace

    SICILY, ITALY—Europe’s principle active volcano today baffled geologists when Mt. Etna, located near Catania on the east coast of Sicily, erupted without leaving a trace of residue. Several weather satellites and local citizens with video cameras recorded a plume of ash sprouting from the vent of the volcano throughout the day. The expected rain of ash, however, did not materialize, and the Italian National Geological Council reported none of the accompanying tremors typical of an eruption.

    wahrscheinlich Vampire:
    Der Vosintflutliche der Lasombra könnte für diese schwarzen Wolken ohne Asche verantwortlich sein. Zumindest ist Sizilien der letzte bekannte aufenthaltsort.
  2. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Wednesday July 30, 2003
    Boston Mom Says Daughter ‘Taken by Angel’

    BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS—Six-year-old Valerie Mason has been missing for the last 72 hours, after allegedly being abducted during church services in suburban Boston. "She ran into the vestry during Mass," said 26-year-old single mother Anna Mason, "and I chased after her to stop her." Ms. Mason then related that an "angel" flew in through a stained glass window to "take her little girl to Heaven." Ms. Mason has refused to answer any further questions from police, claiming that Valerie is "with the angels now." Search for the missing child continues. The mother has been admitted to Harborview Psychiatric Facility for psychological evaluation.

    Wenn etwas nach Engel aussieht, dürfte es sich logischerweise um Demon zu handlen. Da der Engel wie ein klassischer Engel aussahr, dürfte es sich um einen Devil handeln.
  3. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Thursday July 31, 2003
    NASA Calls New ‘Red Star’ a Comet

    CAPE CANAVERAL, FLORIDA—The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) today issued a press release regarding the appearance of Stellar Object #2001KX76, the tabloid-dubbed "Red Star" that recently became visible to the naked eye. The press release stated that details were still "admittedly inconclusive," but that the object is more likely to be a comet than a self-sustained radiant object.

    Das erscheinen des Roten Zeichens ist ein ereignis, welches in allen Systemen behandelt wird. Man erkennt aber ein wenig Technokratische Propaganda darin.
  4. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Friday August 1, 2003
    Crescent Birthmarks Common in LA, Doctors Say

    LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA—According to sources at the Los Angeles County Board of Health, doctors at area hospitals have reported an uncommon number of crescent-shaped birthmarks appearing on female infants born within the past two weeks.

    Die Mondsichelförmigen Muttermale sind das Zeichen der letzten Tochter Evas, ist ist also ein direktes Zeichen dafür das Gehenna vor der Tür steht.
  5. wwwookie

    wwwookie Guest

    Monday August 4, 2003
    Yale Bible Scholar Murdered

    NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT—Noted occult scholar Yves Darra was found murdered in his office on the Yale University campus today. Recently Darra was working on a new translation of the Dies Ignis, an apocalyptic text that some believe to be the inspiration behind many of the images found in the Christian Bible’s Book of Revelation.

    Dies Ignis bedeutet übersetzt "Tage des Feuers", welches der Titel des Buchs Nod für Demon ist, indem Luzifer selber der Menscheit vom Ende der Welt Prophezeit.
  6. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Tuesday August 5, 2003
    Dead Man in Wheat Field Was Pro-Life Extremist

    WICHITA, KANSAS—Police are still investigating the murder of Wendell Delburton, whose body was discovered Saturday in a wheat field outside Wichita. Delburton, a traveler with no fixed address, was impaled through the throat with some kind of stabbing implement. Police say that Delburton was a former Marine and pro-life activist, and that the killing may be related to claims that he had been involved in attacks on abortion clinics in 1997. Anyone with more information on Delburton’s activities is urged to contact the FBI.

    Wendell Delburton ist auch als Crusader17 bekannt und ist ein Rächer, welcher zum Himmlischen Extremisten wurde. Demnach war er wohl einer der mächtigsten Jäger auf Erden.
  7. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Wednesday August 6, 2003
    Chinese Grave Desecrator Feared Zombies

    BEIJING, CHINA—A young man is under arrest for violating his father’s grave. According to authorities Deng Xiao-Min exhumed the body of his father three days after burial and severed the corpse’s head using his digging tools. Deng apparently intended to re-bury the corpse but was caught by police responding to a report of a disturbance at the graveyard. During interrogation, Deng admitted that he feared his father would return from the dead, so he took measures to prevent this. According to authorities, a wave of such behavior has swept across much of China in recent weeks, although no clear explanation for this sudden rash of desecrations has been forthcoming.

    Hunter oder allgemein:
    Das die Toten seid einiger Zeit in Massen aus ihren Gräbern steigen ist ja schon lange bekannt. Dieses mal wollte dies wohl jemand verhindern und wurde dabei erwischt.
  8. wwwookie

    wwwookie Guest

    Thursday August 7, 2003
    Israeli Incursion in West Bank Kills 24

    TULKARM, WEST BANK—Violence continued in the Middle East today, as Israeli military forces sought Palestinian resistance fighters in the West Bank town of Tulkarm. Israeli attack helicopters fired rockets at several cars believed to carry senior leaders of the resistance, killing seven and injuring 46, while Israeli troops opened fire on protestors during house-to-house searches, killing 17 and wounding as many as 35. Palestinian authorities decry the attacks as "completely unprovoked," while Israeli military officials insist that the Palestinians are harboring terrorists.

    Einem der Autoren nach handelt es sich bei dem West Bank zwischenfall um den Mumien Metaplot, aber kA was genau es bedeutet.
  9. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Friday August 8, 2003
    San Jose Hi-Tech Fire Kills 10

    SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA—A sudden electrical fire at Virtual Solutions, a Silicon Valley research firm specializing in computer applications, today claimed the lives of 10 of its employees. Local arson investigators were at a loss to explain how multiple electrical fires could spontaneously occur in the same building. According to company records and emails, the CEO was attempting to develop a "virtual chatroom" to link all of the company’s computers with an undisclosed server outside the United States. An electrical fluctuation allegedly caused several fires throughout the building, which then spread throughout the facility in seconds. Special consultants from the National Security Agency are set to arrive later this week to examine "new angles" in the investigation.

    Magus oder Werwolf:
    Da keine genauen Namen genannt werden, kann man nur raten. Am ehesten wird es sich dabei entweder um Virtuelle Adepten, Technokraten oder Glass Walker handelt. Ich tendiere zum ersten.
  10. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Monday August 11, 2003

    King Albrecht: It is my sad duty to confirm that the findings of the Grand Concolation hold true in the Sept of the Anvil-Klaiven and all our allied territories. There have been no instances of viable Garou birth for more than a year. All children and pups born to Garou and Kin parents since the winter solstice of last year have been ordinary Kin human babies or wolf pups, and my sources tell me that Garou mothers pregnant with metis have persistently miscarried. I concur that we must petition the Incarna for advice.—Karin Jarlsdottir

  11. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Tuesday August 12, 2003
    Pop Star Has ‘Nothing to Sing’

    LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA—A concert headlined by the LA-based band Winter Solstice ended prematurely last night when the lead singer, Tyria Winter, stopped mid-song, mumbled, "I have nothing to sing," and stumbled offstage. A spokesman for the band today cited "nervous exhaustion."

    Tyria Winter soll Sideh sein, wahrscheinlich wurde sie von ihrer Banalität übernommen.
  12. wwwookie

    wwwookie Guest

    Wednesday August 13, 2003
    Miami Woman Sues ‘Orgy of Blood’ Cult

    MIAMI, FLORIDA—Local resident Laetitia Hawkins has retained counsel against alternative-faith ministry the Typhonic Temple of Illumination. According to her lawyer, Hawkins plans to testify that she was being groomed for advancement in the temple’s hierarchy, but once she found that its members indulged in practices of dubious legality (key to the affidavit is an "orgy of blood"), she asked to withdraw from the organization. Shortly thereafter, its members detained her and physically assaulted her.

    Bei dem Kult wird es sich mit höchster wahrscheinlichkeit um einen Setiten Kult handeln

    Thursday August 14, 2003

    Beckett: I’ve uncovered the final portion of the ritual we discussed, but I’ll warn you again that this is very dangerous. It will take a skilled thaumaturge to enact it, and I’m not sure you qualify. Nevertheless, if you’re ready to deliver the items I requested, I’ll turn over my notes you can decide for yourself. Contact me through the usual route.—Samir

    Offensichtlich; Samir ist ein arabischer malkavianer
  13. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Friday August 15, 2003
    Detroit City Councilman Shot and Killed by Police

    DETROIT, MICHIGAN—City Councilman Leonard Dates was shot and killed today, after a stand-off with police at radio station WKNN. Dates had taken captives and hijacked the station’s broadcast, demanding that he be allowed to read the biblical Book of Revelation on the air. Dates insisted that Judgment Day had come and that people’s souls would be claimed by the Devil’s "monsters."

    Demon oder Hunter:
    Egal ob Besselt oder nicht, ganz offensichtlich handelt es sich bei dem Stadtrat um jemanden der von der existenz des Übernatürlichen erfahren hat und dafür sterben mußte.
  14. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Monday August 18, 2003
    LA Mormons’ Angel Statue Stolen

    LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA—A routine police patrol today discovered that the 15-foot golden statue of the angel Moroni was missing from its lofty perch atop the Los Angeles Mormon Temple. The statue, only recently restored to its place following the disastrous Devil’s Night earthquake, apparently vanished at the height of a violent thunderstorm that swept the city last night. Elders at the temple were shocked and visibly upset at the news but have refused to speculate as to the circumstances of the statue’s disappearance.

    Klingt stark so als wäre die Staute die Reliquie eines Earthbound und diese wurde von seinem Kult weg geschafft.
  15. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Tuesday August 19, 2003

    The Tenth Seat of Horizon has appeared at a meeting of the so-called reformed Council of Nine. Our emissaries demand the seat so we may defend it against the Technocrats, some of whom attacked the very meeting in which it appeared.

  16. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Wednesday August 20, 2003
    Sharks Heading South Baffle Scientists

    FALKLAND ISLANDS—The marine biology research ship Tethys today recorded the passage of what appears to be a southward migration of sharks of at least five separate species. Scientists aboard the Tethys commented that the migration was unexplainable by current studies of shark behavior, and the ship changed course to follow the migration and observe.

    Eine Gruppe Rokea wurde anscheinend von Forschern entdeckt.
  17. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Thursday August 21, 2003
    Israel Names Cult As Tulkarm Target

    JERUSALEM, ISRAEL—An Israeli Defense Force spokesman today named a previously unknown religious sect called "the Amkhat" as the target of recent incursions into Tulkarm and other West Bank towns. An IDF dossier released to the press accuses this cult of a wide variety of outrages, from terrorist activities to ritual cannibalism. Palestinian Authority representatives called the Israeli claims inflammatory, but insiders whisper that the Authority has been trying to root out Amkhat for some time. Meanwhile, Egypt announced that it was withdrawing its support from the current round of peace talks, citing the Tulkarm incursions and "Israeli fabrications."

    Die Amkhat sind ein Kult deren Mitglieder Kanibalismus betreibt um Macht zu erlangen. Scheinbar haben sie einen drauf gekriegt. Scheinbar gibt es eine verbindung zur letzten Mumien Meldung. Da das Militär angegriffen hat, kann man davon ausgehen, dass Mumien mittlerweile, jede Menge politische Macht angesammelt haben.
  18. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Friday August 22, 2003
    Hudson River Bargeman Killed by Rabid Wolves

    TROY, NEW YORK—State Troopers investigating the derelict garbage scow May Belle, found floating along the Hudson River last week, discovered the mutilated body of elderly mariner Alluscious Henry, along with the remains of three mongrel wolves. Today, the Albany County Medical Examiner declared Henry’s death a result of an attack by rabid wolves and alerted county and state public health and animal control officials. Investigators also uncovered some evidence linking Henry to a fringe animal-rights group called the "Sept of the Green."

    Die Septe im Grünen liegt im New Yorker Central Park. Über die genannten Personen hab ich nichts gefunden, sie scheinen aber Garou zu sein.
  19. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Monday August 25, 2003
    Terrorists Attack New Egyptian Oil Pipeline

    CAIRO, EGYPT—Private security forces last night repelled an attack aimed at sabotaging the completion of the Apophis Pipeline, currently under construction by Endron Oil. Endron officials confirmed that the pipeline will be completed on schedule as planned and that security will be redoubled. The identity of the terror group responsible remains unknown.

    Die Apophis Pipeline wurde bereits in verschiedenen Werwolf Büchern angesprochen. Da sie recht unsicher ist, stellt sie eine extreme Gefahr für die gesamte Gegend dar. Es gab bereits öfters kleine angriffe auf sie, welche aber nie sehr viel brachten.
  20. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Tuesday August 26, 2003

    Citizens of Sleepytown: Responding to our nation’s time of need, the President and Department of Defense have reinstated compulsory military service, better known as the draft. Every able-bodied male between the ages of 16 and 30 is to report to city hall, where he will be assigned to enhanced military training. Trained draftees will serve with allied forces at NATO bases throughout the Western Hemisphere. God bless America.

    Offensichtlich; Sleepytown ist eine Versuchsstadt der Technokratie, sie kontrolliert dort _alles_ und die Leute werden mit maximaler Propaganda zugebombt. SCheinbar brauchen die Technos ein paar Fußsoldaten. Das besondere an den Leuten dort ist, dass sie in keinster Weise an das Übernatürlihe glauben und somit, sämtliche Magie in ihrer Umgebung Vulgär mit Zeugen ist. Aua.
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