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  1. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Wednesday August 27, 2003
    Immigrants Killed by Satanic Cult in Germany

    BONN, GERMANY—Local police responding to a disturbance in the city’s warehouse district this morning discovered the bodies of 23 immigrant workers slain in what one police spokesperson described as a "violent Satanic ritual." All of the victims were arranged according to a complex pattern laid in chalk across the floor of an abandoned storage facility, and according to forensics reports, all of them were killed within moments of one another. Sources within the police department revealed that a ragged hole approximately three meters across appears to have been burnt through the roof of the structure directly over the ritual site, but refused to speculate on the cause. The perpetrators remain at large.

    Klingt nach einer erfolgreichen Beschwörung eines mächtigen Dämons.
  2. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Thursday August 28, 2003
    Pope Gives Doomsday Address

    VATICAN CITY—His Holiness John Paul II today issued a papal proclamation condemning the growing trend of violence, militarism, atheism and "pagan idolatry" across the world. Although such declarations from the pontiff are not unprecedented, his especially harsh language has worried several observers. One Vatican insider told journalists, "In the past, His Holiness has been a firm but benevolent advisor. This time he’s speaking of Judgment Day."

    Soll wohl zeigen wie es mittlerweile in der Welt aussieht.
  3. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Friday August 29, 2003
    Terrorists Kill 500 in Japan

    OSAKA, JAPAN—A previously unknown terrorist group calling itself the Fifth Age today released a nerve agent in a downtown office tower, killing over 500 workers there. The leader of the terrorists, a man known only as Mikaboshi, escaped the police dragnet.

    Mikaboshi ist einer der Yama-Könige, welcher wohl ein paar Soldaten braucht.
  4. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Monday September 1, 2003
    Twin Tremors in Egyptian Desert

    ALEXANDRIA, EGYPT—Researchers today reported strange tremors emanating from the Egyptian desert. The quakes, not measuring more than 2.1 on the Richter scale, seem to originate in two spots barely a mile apart, and as the aftershocks from a quake in one location abate, a new one begins in the other.

    Laut der aussage eines der Autoren handelt es sich hierbei um etwas aus dem Wechselbalg Metaplot, kA um was es genau geht.
  5. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Tuesday September 2, 2003
    Boston Area Firm Paying Dividends to Dead Men

    BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS—Independent auditors hired to review the accounting ledgers of investment company Moribund & Smirch today reported that they had turned up a rash of acute anomalies. More than 100 of the company’s shareholders, who were issued dividend checks that bank records show as having been paid, are recorded as legally dead, some for as many as 100 years.

    Ganz klar sind hier eine ganzer Haufen Giovanni aufgeflogen. IMHO durch den Einfluss der Ventrue.
  6. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Wednesday September 3, 2003
    Corporate Execs Vanish

    SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA—Market watchers and certain law-enforcement officials are looking for the missing directors of international conglomerate Pentex Holdings, sources say. Franklin Rubin, subdivision director of finances for Pentex, was reportedly the only person seen leaving a Board of Directors meeting called two days ago at an executive suite in the downtown Marriott. When hotel staff entered the suite later that evening, they found none of the other executives present. Rubin’s office declined to comment.

    Pentex Rat ausgelöscht, ganz einfach.

    Thursday September 4, 2003
    Feng Shui Expert Vanishes After 20-Year Project

    LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA—Doctor Reiki Ozawa, noted expert on the Asian art of feng shui, has disappeared from his $4 million home in the Santa Monica Hills. Friends say that the scholar had spent the past 20 years "aligning" and "adjusting" the furnishings in his home to compensate for "flaws" in the surrounding landscape. He left a recorded phone message in which he declared he had finally finished his 20-year project. Since then, no further evidence of the missing scholar has been found, and police have no further leads.

    Demon/ KdL/ Mage (?):
    Hierbei könnte es sich um eines fast alles handeln, zum einen ist Belial in LA und spielt seid einer ewigkeit mit den Drachenlinien rum, oder ein Keui ist in seinem Dharma vorangeschritten und hat sich selbst erlöst oder ein Magus (Akashi ?) ist daran beteiligt.
  7. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Friday September 5, 2003
    Tomb of Jazz-Age Socialite Vandalized

    CHICAGO, ILLINOIS—In the third case of graveyard vandalism in as many nights, the tomb of Chicago socialite Annabelle Sforza was dug up last night by parties unknown. Ms. Sforza’s skeletal remains are found scattered around the Forest Lawns graveyard and her tombstone smashed by what appear to be hammer blows.

    Jaaaa! Carpenter is Back!
  8. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Monday September 8, 2003
    Egyptians Claim to See Bible Passage \'Floating in the Air\'

    CAIRO, EGYPT—Multiple witnesses reported seeing ethereal text floating through the Khan al-Khalili in Cairo last night. The text, reported by some to be in Arabic, others in Hebrew and still others in Aramaic and Greek, seemed to be a passage from the Book of Exodus: "Stretch out thine hand toward heaven, that there may be darkness over the land of Egypt, even darkness which may be felt."

    Paßt vom Stil her am besten zu Demon, ganz einfach...
  9. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Tuesday September 9, 2003
    UFOs in the Beltway

    BALTIMORE, MARYLAND—911 switchboard operators today confided that UFO reports have recently skyrocketed in and around the nation’s capital. Over 1,000 people in the Tri-State area claim to have seen lights in the sky or "alien creatures" roaming their neighborhoods.

    Das könnte einfach alles sein...
  10. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Wednesday September 10, 2003
    Chinese Province Quarantined for SARS

    XINJIANG UYGUR AUTONOMOUS REGION, CHINA—Ministry of Health official Ming Xian today reported the unfortunate death, from Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), of Li Po Tze, investigator for the People’s Armed Police. Inspector Li, who came to the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region to investigate reports of sedition among the local bureaucracy, is the first victim of SARS in the region and is thought to have been infected in Beijing before his departure. If that is true, this case will be the first reported since the World Health Organization lifted the travel advisory against the Chinese capital. Dr. Ming has ordered a quarantine to prevent a new outbreak of the disease.

    Auch hier könnte es jeder sein: Ratkin Plague Lords, HT Dämonen, Magi...
  11. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Thursday September 11, 2003
    Self-Immolation of Cardinal Shocks Vatican

    VATICAN CITY—Surrounded by crowds of horrified sightseers and papal novitiates, Cardinal Giancarlo Salvatore this morning immolated himself in the center of St. Peter’s Square after an impassioned speech proclaiming that the end of the world was at hand. Declaring that “the gates of Hell are breaking” and that “the Holy Church has fallen into the clutches of demons,” Salvatore handed a document to a British tourist that he claimed would reveal “the truth that [his] fellow Cardinals have been keeping from the world.” The Holy See has made no public comment regarding the Cardinal’s death, though the gates of the city have been closed to sightseers until further notice. The whereabouts of the British tourist who supposedly received Cardinal Salvatore’s testament are unknown.

    Diese Meldung klingt sehr stark danach, dass ein Earthbound sich im Vatikan eingenistet hat, bzw. dort einige Thralls hat.
  12. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Friday September 12, 2003
    Chicago Vampire Cultists Behind Bars

    CHICAGO, ILLINOIS—More than a dozen members of a Chicago area “blood cult” were arrested last night on suspicion of numerous charges including kidnapping. The “blood cult” maintains that it existed to satisfy the whims of its “dark mistress,” whom its members insist is a vampire.

    Und wieder ein Blutkult...
  13. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Monday September 15, 2003
    Bayview Killer Terrorizes San Francisco

    SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA—Seven brutal murders have occurred within a 15-block radius in the Bayview area of the city over the past two months, police sources confirm. The most recent victim was discovered Tuesday. All the victims were killed in what police describe as a "ritual" manner, their bodies drained of a considerable amount of blood, which was not found at the scene of any of the crimes. The San Francisco Police Department informed fearful citizens that it is following "all possible leads" in the case of the so-called "Bayview Killer," but admits that it hasn’t made much progress.

    Klingt so als ob ein Sabbatrudel sich dort austoben würde. Wird eventuel ein Gegenschlag gegen die Kuei-jin vorbereitet?
  14. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Tuesday September 16, 2003

    Be advised that the Fomori Development and Training Facility #87-001 has been destroyed. Review of satellite footage and other sources reveal that the subjects rebelled and seized control of the arms depot, then proceeded to ignite the facility’s chemical banks, releasing a cloud of poisonous fumes. Approximately 50 fomori have escaped to the nearby town of Burnt Gallows, Texas and established blockades to keep the local population from fleeing.

    Offensichtlich; Fomori hauen ab und metzeln eine Kleinstadt nieder, Pentex hat mittlerweile wohl echte Probleme...

    Wednesday September 17, 2003
    Virginia Museum Linked to Bipolar Disease Outbreak

    RICHMOND, VIRGINIA—Doctors at the Medical College of Virginia are reportedly baffled by the dramatic increase in cases of extreme bipolar depression over the last month. Theorizing a heretofore unsuspected epidemiological cause, local authorities called in investigators from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), who have uncovered that all patients had visited a common location before first reporting symptoms of the disorder. According to sources, the Poe Museum, near the popular nightlife district of Shockoe Slip, had appeared in the dreams of each patient, prompting them to visit the museum thereafter. The CDC yesterday closed the museum until it can be fully investigated.

    Demon/ Wechselbalg:
    Beide Parteien können Menschen in Depressionen "schicken", wobei nur Dämonen das auch über Träume schaffen könnne. Der Ort wäre auch sehr passend für einen jüngeren Earthbound. Aber die Location ist, eh mehr als stimmig für die gesamte Nachricht.
  15. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Thursday September 18, 2003
    NASA Denies Spy Satellite Rumors

    LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA—Spokespeople for NASA\'s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) today vigorously denied allegations released recently on several fringe websites and other alternative media outlets, which state that many of the satellites recently launched to observe Stellar Object #2001KX76 (the so-called "Red Star") are actually designed to monitor the global population and tied to a massive crowd-control project dubbed "Ragnarok." They deny that William Albacastle, named in several of the reports, has ever worked for NASA or JPL.

    Ganz klar Technokraten; Ragnarök ist im übrigen der Name der Operation für den totalen Notfall, letztes mal wurde Ragnarök wegen Ravnos gestartet...
  16. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Friday September 19, 2003
    International Authorities Investigating Mysterious \'Ventrue\' Cartel

    VENICE, ITALY—A mysterious group of individuals known as "The Ventrue" has been the cause of much consternation in the global finance community recently. Although members of this hidden cabal are unknown, a rival bloc of anonymous financiers believed to be centered in Venice recently issued a communiqué to numerous national trade and securities commissions that outlined a list of actions these "Ventrue" might take. Many of these tips turned out to be true, and projected benefits to the "Ventrue" (using hypothesized numbers) have been significant.

    Ventrue aufgeflogen, das schreit gerade zu nach den Giovanni.
  17. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Monday September 22, 2003
    Ballard Family Tied to Chicago Blood Cult

    CHICAGO, ILLINOIS—Police today questioned members of the prominent Ballard family on suspicion of association with the "blood cult," members of which were detained previously. The patriarch of the Ballard family has proven elusive, however, and is still sought for questioning.

    Verbindung zur letzten Blutkult Meldung; Horatio Ballard ist ein Kind des früheren Prinzen Lodins.
  18. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Tuesday September 23, 2003
    Terrorists Suspected in Gateway Arch Explosion

    ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI—The famed 630-foot Gateway Arch was seriously damaged by what some theorize was an act of terrorism. At precisely midnight last night, a thunderous detonation echoed across Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Park accompanied by an impressive pyrotechnic display. Bright lights and subsequent explosions continued for several minutes, causing serious structural damage to the national landmark. As of this morning, police had the area cordoned off and were refusing to comment on reports of upward of two dozen bodies found at the site. Clearly visible on the arch itself were scorch marks, strange sigils and the word "Vodantu."

    Vodantu ist ein Duke der Hölle, der scheinbar beschworen wurde oder beschworen werden sollte. Die Explosion könnte dadurch entstanden sein, dass das Ritual gestört wurde und sich die angesammelten Energien schlagartig entladen haben.
  19. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Wednesday September 24, 2003
    Fatal Wounds Spell Out Ancient Text

    BALTIMORE, MARYLAND—Visiting Nigerian Bishop Jude Bankole Kuti collapsed today in the middle of a speech to local faith groups. Kuti died minutes after paramedics discovered multiple lacerations on his skin, carvings of Aramaic, Greek and Hebrew phrases. Six members of the audience reportedly suffered similar but non-lethal wounds. Four fled the scene. Linguists summoned by the city\'s medical examiners have translated the phrases into fragments of Gnostic scripture dating from the 1st to 5th centuries AD. The most common injury reads: "What binds me has been slain/and what turns me about has been overcome/and my desire has been ended/and ignorance has died."

    Der Text stammt aus dem Mattäus Evangelium. Die Dämonen sind halt nicht mehr gebunden.
  20. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Thursday September 25, 2003

    I’ve met a Mokolé once before, so I guess you could have called me the resident expert at the Sept of the Green. Even Mother Larissa wasn\'t too shy to ask my opinion after the messenger had come and gone under flag of truce. Too bad, I wasn\'t much help at all. I confirmed her impression that the messenger was a young one, fresh from the Change even. But I wasn\'t much help in deciphering his single message, which was a question: "What must be remembered?" --Amy Hundred-Voices

    Offensichtlich; scheinbar unternehmen die Mokole Versuche alle Kinder Gaias zu vereinen um die Apocalypse überstehen zu können.
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