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  1. Kardohan

    Kardohan Gelehrter des Hoenir & Schreiber des Qedeshet verstorben

    Große Vorschau

    [Knight Errant Media] Titan Effect: Demo Kit
    Authors: Christian Nommay, Ghislain Bonnotte, Daniel Eymard
    Pages: 17
    Prices: Freebie (DriveThruRPG/RPGNow)

    Welcome to Titan Effect!

    Titan Effect is set in a contemporary world where psychic spies clash with genetically enhanced soldiers, in a secret war in which the future of the human evolution is at stake.
    Players take on the role of trained operatives gifted with psychic abilities, and who work for the international clandestine organization known as the SPEAR. Their mission: to watch and fight biological and paranormal threats!
    Check out this FREE Demo Kit if you want to know more about this upcoming RPG.
    Inside the Demo Kit you will find:
    • A brief setting overview
    • An excerpt of Titan Effect setting rules
    • A short adventure
    • Five pre-generated characters.
    Titan Effect is an espionage/Science Fiction setting for Savage Worlds. It is not a standalone book and requires the Savage Worlds core rulebook and the Super Powers Companion.

    [Knight Errant Media] Titan Effect: Character Sheet
    Christian Nommay, Ghislain Bonnotte, Daniel Eymard
    Pages: 1
    Prices: Freebie (DriveThruRPG/RPGNow)

    This is a FREE form-fillable character sheet for Titan Effect. It can also be used with other Savage Worlds modern and sci-fi settings.
  2. Kardohan

    Kardohan Gelehrter des Hoenir & Schreiber des Qedeshet verstorben

    Große Vorschau

    [GGStudio] Ultima Forsan - The Confessional of the Black Penitents
    Authors: Mauro Longo, Giuseppe Rotondo
    Pages: 5
    Prices: Pay What You Want (DriveThruRPG/RPGNow)

    A free Ultima Forsan adventure for three to six Novice heroes. Originally created for Play - Modena, the greatest gaming festival in Italy, now here in a final, revised version. The adventure can also be played as an introduction to the forthcoming campaign The Iron Crown.

    Francesco Guicciardini, the Podestà of Modena, entrusts the heroes with a secret and delicate mission: locate and rescue two of his spies, prisoners of a group of Teutonic Inquisitors. The setting of this adventure is the Italian city of Modena and the fief around it, although it can easily be adapted to other locations by changing the names of places and NPCs.

    Thanks for reading, and have fun!
  3. Kardohan

    Kardohan Gelehrter des Hoenir & Schreiber des Qedeshet verstorben

    Große Vorschau

    [Mystical Throne Entertainment] Ultimate Settings Guide: Conspiracies
    Author: Tyler Omichinski
    Pages: 69
    Prices: €4,68 (DriveThruRPG/RPGNow)

    Conspiracies and conspiracy theories are a weird beast. There have been enough true conspiracies out there that we should be inherently skeptical. And it comes from a natural place. Recent studies have suggested that the major reason human brains are so complex has been in order to outsmart other humans. It is in our nature to make sure others do not outsmart us, and we are perpetually locked in this struggle.

    Conspiracies can be a powerful tool in role-playing games. They can be used as plot elements, background storylines, hidden puppet masters, side adventures, or the basis for an entire setting. Ultimate Settings Guide: Conspiracies takes a look at what makes a conspiracy and explores a number of conspiracies in detail. GMs can use this as a reference to create their own conspiracies or insert one of the included conspiracies into an adventure or campaign. Players can use this as a means of driving their character concepts and fleshing out a character's background and motivation.

    Ultimate Settings Guide: Conspiracies includes:
    • An introduction to conspiracies.
    • Over a dozen detailed conspiracies.
    • Character options to fight or embrace conspiracies.
    • Conspiracy-like Arcane Backgrounds.
    • Alien tech gear.
    • Non-player characters.
    • A sample adventure.
    • A conspiracy building toolkit.
    • ... and more!
    Whether part of the conspiracy or working against it, the right tools are needed!

    Ultimate Settings Guide: Conspiracies is a guide for conspiracies primarily set in the Modern Age. Although it does discuss conspiracies dating back to the Middle Ages and how to use conspiracies in other genres, the player content and GM tools are designed for the late 1800s to the present.
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    Der erste Schritt ist vollbracht, die PDFs des Spielerhandbuchs und des Marshal-Handbuchs für Deadlands Reloaded, sowie die Karte des Unheimlichen Westens sind über DriveThruRPG an alle Unterstützer verschickt worden.

    Falls ihr Fragen zu den PDFs habt oder gefundene Fehler melden möchtet, schreibt uns am besten eine Mail an [email protected] oder schreibt in unserem Forum in die entsprechenden Diskussionsfäden.

    Als nächstes arbeiten wir an Coffin Rock, dem ersten Abenteuer für Deadlands Reloaded.


    Continue reading...
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  5. Supergerm

    Supergerm Spambothenker Mitarbeiter

    Es läuft gerade ein Kickstarter zu Mythic:

    Und noch einer für einen Abenteuerband, allerdings nur noch zwei Stunden:
  6. Zornhau

    Zornhau Freßt NAPALM!

    Anerkennung von Kompetenz und Engagement

    Triple Ace Games (TAG) hat im heutigen Newsletter Hans Bothe (Kardohan hier im Forum) als neuen Mitarbeiter, als Line-Editor für Hellfrost, angekündigt. (Aus dem Newsletter und der Verlags-Homepage: )

    Hans Bothe
    Hellfrost Line Editor
    Hans spent roughly 20 years as an IT specialist in the heart of Swabia in southwest of Germany. He is the scholar of our Hellfrost forums, and supported us with editing and proofreading many products of those lines. Hans is a veteran roleplayer with almost 40 years of experience, and plays as often as his schedule permits, which is less than he prefers in recent years. He lives at the birthplace of Einstein, reading obscure texts on the web and the local libraries, always with RPGs on his mind.​

    Gute Arbeit sollte entsprechend anerkannt werden. Wie schön, daß TAG auch so denkt.

    Hans Bothe ist nicht nur im deutschsprachigen Raum, sondern gerade auch im englischsprachigen Rollenspielumfeld DER Kenner für alles rund um Hellfrost. Ich habe den Eindruck, daß er Hellfrost besser kennt als die daran beteiligten Autoren. Das hat die Qualität der Hellfrost-Produkte, an denen er mitgearbeitet hat, deutlich gehoben. Und er stand ja auch bisher immer bei Fragen zu deutschsprachigen Hellfrost-Vorhaben - von Fan-Seite oder Verlagsseite - kompetent und engagiert zur Verfügung.

    Ich hoffe, daß wir noch weitere, qualitativ hochwerte Hellfrost-Produkte in Zukunft sehen werden. (Da steht ja noch ein drittes großes Setting auf derselben Spielwelt wie Hellfrost und Land of Fire aus - mal sehen, wann das kommt.)

    Mich persönlich freut, nach all den negativen Meldungen aus dem Rollenspielverlagsbereich in den letzten Wochen, doch auch mal etwas POSITIVES in den Rollenspielnachrichten zu finden.
  7. Kardohan

    Kardohan Gelehrter des Hoenir & Schreiber des Qedeshet verstorben

    Große Vorschau

    [Pixelcraft games] Beggars and Panhandlers
    Author: Dimitris Lazarou
    Pages: 28
    Prices: €3,46 €2,31 (DriveThruRPG/RPGNow)

    Shiny knights. Bugbear bandits. Elder clerics of dark deities. NPCs that are memorable, dangerous and remarkable in all ways. There are so many resources to help an aspiring Game Master build the ultimate antagonist or the formidable ally.
    But when it comes to the more mundane, central places of your campaign, you might realize, that you seldom have more information to offer your players than “a beggar”, “the barkeep”, or “the dwarven smith”.

    You might have noticed that when you describe this extra-sneaky spy, that should appear totally mundane, but your players size him up instantly. This is because he looks more fleshed out than the other mundane people in your world.
    In this book, we start with a dozen beggars and panhandlers to help you breathe some life in your city’s busy streets.
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  8. Kardohan

    Kardohan Gelehrter des Hoenir & Schreiber des Qedeshet verstorben

    Große Vorschau

    [paNik productions] Mutant Manual (Savage Worlds)
    Authors: M. Andrew Payne, Nik Palmer
    Pages: 238
    Prices: €18,47 €13,84 PDF; €37,02 €32,36 SC; €55,49 €32,36 PDF & SC (DriveThruRPG/RPGNow)

    Anyone could be a mutant.

    Your neighbor, sibling, co-worker. Anyone. They might not even know themselves until they start sprouting extra eyes, tentacles, or fangs.

    Sometimes they look just like everybody else.

    Sometimes only the brain mutates, resulting in strange cravings, urges, and behaviors. Human on the outside, they might feel compelled to kill, drink blood, or build coccoons. Is that guy down the block really going out at night to bowl? Or is he on a quest to devour fresh brains?

    For that matter, what's up with those headaches you've been having? Those achey muscles? And is that a "normal" rash or an indicator of something more sinister?

    Anyone could be a mutant.

    Even you.

    Mutant Manual is a suppliment for creating mutant characters (including player characters with GM approval). Appropriate for any modern-era campaign, Mutant Manual contains:
    • Over 120 mutant traits, both advantageous and detrimental.
    • Statistics for 56 mutant archetypes and mutant animals.
    • Statistics and history of 12 unique mutants.
    • 20+ New, mutant-specific Edges, Feats, Stunts, Qualities, and power modifiers.
    Digital files are compatible with 5 different systems:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    ...but the print version only has Savage Worlds content.

    Große Vorschau

    [paNik productions] Welcome to Bremen
    Author: M. Andrew Payne
    Pages: 35
    Prices: €3,24 €1,81 (DriveThruRPG/RPGNow)

    Someone or some thing has been stalking the abandoned alleyways of a small town, leaving behind mangled bodies drained of blood. Is the killer a vampire, hungry ghost, legendary skunk-ape, or run-of-the-mill psychopath?

    Welcome to Bremen, home of Wes Anderson's famous zoo, the state's best blueberry pie, and the most urban legends per capita in the country. Ever since the mill closed up, folks haven't had much to do but sit around and swap stories. The streets would be empty if they weren't full of ghost stories, urban legends and... bodies.

    Designed to work in any modern setting (with notes for adapting for fantasy worlds and hardcore science fiction) the 10+ plot expansion ideas make it a perfect campaign starter or a stand-alone adventure.

    Compatible with 5 different systems:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Portions of this adventure have previously been published as the R.E.A.C.T. Sample Adventure.
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  9. Kardohan

    Kardohan Gelehrter des Hoenir & Schreiber des Qedeshet verstorben

    Große Vorschau

    [GGstudio] Ultima Forsan - Pregen Characters & Character Sheet
    Authors: Mauro Longo, Giuseppe Rotondo
    Pages: 4
    Prices: Pay What You Want (DriveThruRPG/RPGNow)

    Four pregen characters for Ultima Forsan
  10. Kardohan

    Kardohan Gelehrter des Hoenir & Schreiber des Qedeshet verstorben

    Große Vorschau

    [Battlefield Press] Ben Dunn's Ninja High School the Anime and Manga RPG (Savage Worlds)
    Authors: Ben Dunn, Jonathan M. Thompson
    Pages: 50
    Prices: €18,51 €9,26 (DriveThruRPG/RPGNow)

    Ninja High School (also known as NHS) is a comic book series created, written, and illustrated by Ben Dunn, and currently published by Antarctic Press. It was at first published by Eternity Comics. On occasion other artists and writers have contributed to the series including Carlos Kastro, Eric Meheu and Fabian Doles. It is currently being developed into a Feature Film by Perfect Circle Productions.

    NHS takes place in a suburban town known as Quagmire, located "Somewhere in the Midwest". The series originally centers on the misadventures of one Jeremy Feeple, a 16-year-old boy attending Quagmire High School, an alien princess named Asrial from a planet called Salusia, and a young female ninja named Ichi-Kun Ichihonei, from Japan.

    Originally intended as a mini-series, the comic hit such a boom of popularity that it became a full series, currently totaling over 160 issues (as well as two mini-series, "Ninja High School V2" and "Quagmire USA" and the color mini-series "The Prom Formula"). There have also been two-issue furry parodies which went by the name "Furry Ninja High School" and "Furry Ninja High School Strikes Back". Fan-contributed editions of the series include the "Ninja High School Yearbook" and "Ninja High School Swimsuit Edition".

    This new Savage Worlds based game setting puts you in the center seat, it allows you to control what is happening in your own version of the Ninja High School comic. Your imagination, this book, a pencil, some paper, and some dice are all that are needed for you to tell the story you have always wanted to tell. This is the first official RPG in its thirty year history.

    Welcome to …..

    Ninja High School
    Supergerm gefällt das.
  11. Kardohan

    Kardohan Gelehrter des Hoenir & Schreiber des Qedeshet verstorben

    Große Vorschau

    [Sneak Attack Press] Heroes of Drakonheim (Savage Worlds)
    Matthew J. Hanson, Richard Woolcock
    Pages: 51
    Prices: €4,62 (DriveThruRPG/RPGNow)

    Heroes of Drakonheim, a three-part adventure for Savage Worlds set in the fantasy city of Drakonheim, which can be played as a stand-alone setting or incorporated into any larger fantasy world.

    In Chapter 1: Rats in the Sewers, the heroes are asked to solve a series of mysterious disappearances. They follow the trail into the sewers, find the goblins responsible, and learn that they are selling dead bodies to a shadowy group of humans.

    In Chapter 2: Skeletal Society, the heroes discover that the group purchasing the corpses is a cabal of necromancers calling itself the Gray Society. In the process, they may stumble upon a nest of wights, some of the society’s storehouses, and perhaps even one of their initiation ceremonies. These encounters lead to a final confrontation with the leader of the Gray Society, who implores the heroes to end their grudge against them. The Gray Society is animating a host of undead to combat an even greater threat: a mighty force of hobgoblins and their allies marching towards Drakonheim. Without additional defenses, the city will surely fall.

    In Chapter 3: Defense of Drakonheim, the heroes must protect the city from the hobgoblin army. They have several days to prepare defenses and seek out allies before the enemies reach Drakonheim. Once the foes arrive, the heroes defend the walls and lead the charge against the hobgoblin war chief.
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    Ein Schwung Nachdrucke hat uns erreicht, die ihr ab sofort in unserem Online-Shop oder im gut sortierten Fachhandel erwerben könnt.

    [​IMG]Savage Worlds: Wilde Welten – In unserem Shop

    Drei fesselnde Savage Worlds-Abenteuer, jedes mit einem eigenen Setting und fertigen Charakteren, um sich direkt ins Spiel zu stürzen – das sind die Wilden Welten.

    • Stell dich im dekadenten Rom der Renaissance okkulten Mächten und vereitle eine handfeste Intrige, mit Robe & Rapier im Schatten des Vatikans!
    • Schnapp dir deine Fliegerbrille und wirf dich als heldenhaftes Cartoon-Huhn und Mitglied der Chicken Wings in epische Luftschlachten – für Ruhm und Ehre!
    • Untersuche eine Entführung in Granishaim, dem mystischen Schmelztiegel aller modernen Städte, und durchkreuze die Pläne einer Weltuntergangssekte!

    [​IMG]Hellfrost: Piraten des Kristallstroms – in unserem Shop

    Piraten, Plünderungen und Abenteuer in den eisigen Fluten des Kristallstroms!

    Der Kristallstrom ist die Lebensader des Kristallstrombündnisses. Jeden Tag segeln hunderte von Schiffen und Kähnen durch die turbulenten Gewässer, um an seinem Lauf Waren zu kaufen und zu verkaufen. Aber der Handel ebbt ab und die Flussschiffer sind verängstigt.

    Mehrere Schiffe wurden ohne Besatzung und Fracht gefunden. Es kursieren Gerüchte, aber fast jeder vermutet hinter den Problemen Piraten.

    Die Helden werden von einem ortsansässigen Händler angeheuert, der Sache nachzugehen. Sie müssen nach Brückwasser, einer belebten Handelsstadt am nördlichen Ende der Handelsroute. Nur ihre vorsichtigen Ermittlungen und kräftige Waffenarme können den Piraten des Kristallstroms ein Ende bereiten!

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  13. Kardohan

    Kardohan Gelehrter des Hoenir & Schreiber des Qedeshet verstorben

    Die aktuellsten Kickstarter von Pinnacle. Sie laufen noch bis zum 17. April und waren wie üblich innerhalb weniger Minuten finanziert...


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    Es sind nur noch zehn Tage bis zum Gratisrollenspieltag. Daher dachten wir, ein kleiner Hinweis dazu wäre ganz sinnvoll. Wer sich nun verwundert die Augen reibt, weil er mit dem GRT so gar nichts anfangen kann, findet unter diesem Link eine ausführliche Beschreibung des Events und der Idee dahinter.

    Wir steuern in diesem Jahr das gedruckte Rippers-Onesheet “Der Heuler” zum bereits prall gefüllten Rollenspielpaket bei. Das Abenteuer wurde von Shane Hensley geschrieben (dem Schöpfer von Savage Worlds) und kann sowohl als Testrunde für Savage Worlds dienen, als euch auch einen Einblick in die neue Edition von Rippers Resurrected gewähren.


    Wer nach dem Gratisrollenspieltag noch mehr Lust auf Savage Worlds hat, kann übrigens hier die kostenlose Probefahrt herunterladen, unseren Schnellstarter für Savage Worlds. Ihr könnt natürlich auch direkt in die Vollen gehen und euch die Taschenausgabe, unser Grundregelwerk für schlappe 9,95 Euro gönnen. Neben den Regeln enthält das Buch auch ein Abenteuer. Weitere kostenlose Abenteuer erhaltet ihr übrigens in unserem Downloadbereich.

    Solltet ihr als Spielleiter am GRT teilnehmen und Demorunden zu unseren Spielen anbieten, als Teil des Demoteams oder auf eigene Faust, so könnt ihr uns gerne eine Mail an [email protected] schicken. Wir stellen eine Liste der angebotenen Runden auf unsere Website.

    Bleibt savage!

    Christian für PG

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    Zwei neue Artikel haben heute unser Lager erreicht und können ab sofort über unseren Onlineshop bestellt werden.

    [​IMG]Rippers Resurrected: Das Blutbuch der Kabale und das Handbuch der Verlorenen Loge

    Nachdem die limitierten Ausgaben von Rippers Resurrected nun an alle Backer verschickt worden sind, haben wir die übrigen Exemplare in unseren Shop eingepflegt. Beide Bücher enthalten jeweils das Spielerhandbuch und das Spielleiterhandbuch in einem Band, sowie jeweils ein neues Abenteuer aus der Feder von Günther Lietz.

    Eine genaue Beschreibung der beiden Bände findet ihr in unserem Shop. Da beide Bände jeweils auf 50 Stück limitiert sind und die meisten Bücher bereits über das Crowdfunding weggingen, haben wir nur noch einige Restexemplare. Wer noch eines möchte, sollte also schnell sein. Hier geht es zum Blutbuch der Kabale, hier zum Handbuch der Loge

    [​IMG]Exil – Das Imperium von Westrin 2

    Die Fantasy-Trilogie rund um das Imperium von Westrin aus der Feder unseres Jungautors Felix A. Münter hat im letzten Jahr unzählige Fans gewonnen und die E-Books waren wochenlang in den Topten der Kindle-Charts vertreten. Nach dem Auftaktband Kaisersturz ist nun auch der zweite Band Exil als Taschenbuch erschienen. Das Buch ist in unserem Onlineshop oder im gut sortierten Fachhandel erhältlich.

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  16. Kardohan

    Kardohan Gelehrter des Hoenir & Schreiber des Qedeshet verstorben

    [Pinnacle Entertainment] Goon: Trixie the Nixie
    Author: Matthew Cutter
    Pages: 2
    Prices: Freebie (DriveThruRPG/RPGNow)

    Check out this completely free adventure for The Goon™ Roleplaying Game for Savage Worlds!

    Last time Sproule’s Biological Curiosities & Wild West Extravaganza visited the Town, the Ossified Baby of Nuremburg caused so much trouble Goon swore off Wild West shows for good. But now the show is back and mayhem’s about to show its ugly mug!


    The Goon™ Roleplaying Game is based on the multiple Eisner Award-winning comic, The Goon™, by Eric Powell.

    Join the Goon's crime syndicate—or play as Goon, Franky, and the rest of their crew—and fight off the rival gangs what's encroachin' on your turf, while you collect on Goon's debts and whatnot. You might also succeed at fighting off the tide of bleak suffering that's set to consume yer soul. Then again you might not!

    But while you're contemplatin' the psychology and so forth, make sure to watch out for Zombie Priest and his legions of groanin', brain-chomping zombies; they're a constant hassle. If that ain't bad enough, there's crazed-yet-brilliant Dr. Hieronymus Alloy and his robots goin' on a rampage every other week. You also want to keep a lookout for swarms of chug-heads...what they call "changelings." Yeah. They're nasty little buggers.

    Believe me, pal, we ain't even got to the worst of it yet. You sure you wanna join up with Goon's crew?

    Check out the Kickstarter here!

    [Pinnacle Entertainment] Fear Agent: Routine Extermination
    Author: John Goff
    Pages: 2
    Prices: Freebie (DriveThruRPG/RPGNow)

    Check out this completely free adventure for the Fear Agent™ Roleplaying Game for Savage Worlds! The players are tasked with cleaning up some errant AIs on a distant mining asteroid when they run into a little...complication.


    Based on the amazing comic series by Rick Remender, Tony Moore, and Jerome Opeña, the Fear Agent™ Roleplaying Game is a pulp scifi setting for Savage Worlds with more twists than an episode of the Twilight Zone!

    After Earth is devastated by an interstellar war between two alien races, the few surviving members of humanity are dragged kicking and screaming into a complex galaxy of terror and adventure they didn't even know existed.

    Fortunately—or maybe unfortunately, we told you there are some twists—Texan Heath Huston bands together with others of his ilk to form the Fear Agents, a ragtag collection of survivors intent on revenge.

    Check out the Kickstarter here!

    Supergerm gefällt das.
  17. Supergerm

    Supergerm Spambothenker Mitarbeiter

  18. Supergerm

    Supergerm Spambothenker Mitarbeiter

    Es laufen gerade drei relevante Kickstarter:

  19. Supergerm

    Supergerm Spambothenker Mitarbeiter

  20. Kardohan

    Kardohan Gelehrter des Hoenir & Schreiber des Qedeshet verstorben

    Große Vorschau

    [Chimera Press] Mythic (Revised)
    Michael Edwards
    Pages: 93
    Prices: €13,72 (DriveThruRPG/RPGNow)

    The Mythic setting, designed for the Savage Worlds rules system, takes inspiration from real world history, ancient mythology, and modern movies and tv shows to create a unique view of Earth’s ancient history, its cultures, and it’s mythologies.

    Unlike most other settings that deal with the ancient world, Mythic doesn’t just focus on one culture and it’s mythology. Instead, several cultures and mythologies have all been brought together to exist side by side in the same setting. The core setting book includes three cultures and mythologies which form the Known World. Pridith is based on Celtic culture and mythology, Illosia is based on Greek, and Niserri is based on Egyptian.

    The core setting book is broken into five sections. The first section provides additional information for character creation, including Edges, Hindrances, gear, Powers, and setting rules. The next three sections deal with each of the three cultures that make up the Known World, including background information and information on the gods and goddesses that form the pantheons of each culture. The final section is a bestiary with stats and descriptions of over 90 creatures, animals, and NPCs pulled from all three core cultures and mythologies.

    This is the revised version of the Mythic setting book.
    In addition to some cleaning up of the text and adding in a couple new pieces of art, some of the changes made to the new version of Mythic include:

    Two new locations
    • Syrna; an Illosian city that has prospered thanks to its mighty army
    • Loch Bannagh; a lake on the island of Pridith that is home to a large number of evil Sidhe, and one of the biggest and meanest lock monsters ever to have existed.

    Three new monsters
    • Daughters of Arachne; horrible spider/human hybrids descended from a princess who was cursed by the goddess Athena.
    • Dullahan; evil Sidhe horsemen who carry their own severed heads and a whip made of human spines.
    • Winged Serpents; giant vipers with feathery wings that are so violent they’ll even turn on each other and fight to the death

    Duties of the Priesthood
    Before, each deity had a list of duties that gave examples of certain jobs and modes of behavior possessed by worshippers. That never really seemed to fit right, so Duties has been replaced with Duties of the Priesthood. Simple worshippers typically don’t have to adhere to the same rules, codes of behavior, and expected jobs, that true priests and priestesses do. In the revised book, priests and priestesses must follow the Duties of the Priesthood associated with their particular deity. Others who simply worship the deity are expected to do their best at following the Duties of the Priesthood, but aren’t required to in order to keep their position as priest or priestess.
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