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  1. Kardohan

    Kardohan Gelehrter des Hoenir & Schreiber des Qedeshet verstorben


    Deadlands Explorer's Edition Character Sheet Now Available

    The awfully purty full-color character sheet from Deadlands: Explorer's Edition is ready for you. But wait…did I just hear you ask for more? More it is, then!

    The character sheet comes in both stunning full color and easy-printing black and white, all in one handy layered file! Both versions were lovingly crafted by also-very-purty three-time Hugo Award-winning artist Cheyenne Wright!

    I hear some "still not enough" mumbles in the back over there. How about the Explorer's Edition sizing? The 6.5" x 9" size is ready to be trimmed to fit with your Explorer's Edition products, printed at letter-size, or even put two-to-a-page! The options are all yours in the print dialog window.

    I can't believe some of you are still asking for more. How about a form-fillable PDF? That's right, use your reader to fill in the character sheet and even save it with the data in it. Go to town, amigos, go to town.

    Even though I finally seem to have won you all over, there's one more coin in the wishin' well. Like everything on downloads page, it's completely free and just waiting for you to pluck it out of the ether. Enjoy!
    Tsu gefällt das.
  2. Kardohan

    Kardohan Gelehrter des Hoenir & Schreiber des Qedeshet verstorben

    Hellfrost Adventure #19 - H4 - Tales of Darkness
    Model: TAG31072
    Author: Paul "Wiggy" Wade-Williams
    Page Count: 28
    Price: €6.99 (TAG), €7.24 (DriveThruRPG)

    The Dark Night - Buried in secret, Helfrith Helasdohtor a powerful priestess has been slowly breaking the sigils of her ancient tomb. When the sigils fail, the great evil will once again be unleashed onto the unsuspecting world. In preparation for this second coming of darkness, Hela has stirred Helfrith from her dreamless sleep. Can our heroes stop this evil?

    The Demon of Duncallaich - The demon Kithreth lies trapped and bound to the soil of an ancient lost town Balyeux, which was destroyed during the Demongate Wars. Its taken many years for Kithreth to loosen his bonds but now he is slowly returning to the world and a cult is aiding his release. Can he succeed in his escape or will he be defeated - only you can find that answer!

    Tales of Darkness contains two fantastic adventures for Triple Ace Games’ epic fantasy setting, Hellfrost.

  3. Skar

    Skar Dr. Spiele Mitarbeiter Administrator

    Das Bild hat Shane gerade auf Facebook gepostet und lässt raten wofür das sein könnte.

  4. Durro-Dhun

    Durro-Dhun Erklär(wer)bär

    Hat was von Römern im Finsterwald :D (uiii... Baumhirten! ;) )

    Angesichts der Geschichte vielleicht ein Römer-und-Germanen-Setting mit starkem Grusel-Faktor und mythischen Elementen?
  5. Kardohan

    Kardohan Gelehrter des Hoenir & Schreiber des Qedeshet verstorben

    Aus der Big List of Upcoming Pinnacle Products:

    Ist eines der Black Op Projects an denen u.a. Shane seit einigen Jahren dran arbeitet. Dem obigen Bild auf Facebook nach zu urteilen, ist das Projekt im letzten halben Jahr von "irgendwann" auf "Wenn fertig" hochgerutscht.

    Klassische Antike scheint wohl gerade drüben en vogue zu sein!

    Anmerkung: Weitere Diskussionen hierzu sollten wir dann im Laberthread weiterführen.
    Skar gefällt das.
  6. Kardohan

    Kardohan Gelehrter des Hoenir & Schreiber des Qedeshet verstorben

    Olympian Breed: Pregens
    Model: OB-PREGENS
    Author: Palewolf Publishing, Vikki & Shawn Felde
    Pages: 5
    Price: Free (DriveThruRPG)

    This download contains 4 demigod hero pregens for use with Olympian Breed, Act One: A Gathering of Heroes - an Adventure for Savage Worlds™. Use them as-is, change their names and backgrounds, or alter their traits and gear however you desire. You can even copy them onto an Olympian Breed character sheet if you like.

    Download the Setting Primer and Character Sheet for FREE and get Act One: A Gathering of Heroes NOW on DriveThruRPG.com.
  7. Kardohan

    Kardohan Gelehrter des Hoenir & Schreiber des Qedeshet verstorben

    Ace Tales #12 - The Voice Stone
    Model: TAG-AT012
    Author: Rustin F. Homes
    Page Count: 3
    Price: Free (TAG)

    We suddenly realise that we’ve not put up a new Ace Tale for some time! So in this weeks update we bring you a new Ace Tale from the backlog of winning entries we had in our writing competition back in 2009. Blimey how time flies! Well it’s the turn of Rustin F. Homes to have his winning entry published. So we present the Voice Stone. An Ace Tale for Hellfrost.

    Ace Tale 012 - The Voice Stone

    Hidden deep in a temple is one of the lost magical Voice Stones. The Lorekeepers as keen to liberate the stone for their own uses and its up to the heroes to get inside the temple and recover the stone. Can your players defeat the cult who now possess the stone or will it be lost to the evil cult? Its all to play for in the Voice Stone.

    Download Ace Tale 012 - the Voice Stone for FREE today!

  8. Chrischie

    Chrischie Dead Marshall

    War of the Dead Kapitel 4-Abo ist gestartet:


    (Requires all previous chapters of War of the Dead)

    The survivors of the Pinnacle cruise ship have traveled half-way across the country and survived impossible odds. From confronting the Living Dead, to facing cannibals, to escaping Edward Russo and his army of thousands of Living Dead, the characters have become legends to those aware of their exploits.

    Currently trapped inside the Federal Correctional Facility hidden away near the Citizen Relocation Zone in Colorado, the characters must once again perform the impossible if they are to survive. Forced to flee and seek refuge, they are poorly equipped and ill prepared for the array of threats that confront them.

    The saga continues in War of the Dead: Chapter Four (To Reign in Hell). War of the Dead brings the zombie apocalypse to the award winning Savage Worlds role-playing game, broken down into 4 chapters of 13 adventures each.

    Chapter Four concludes the saga as the characters uncover the secrets of the government shadow war, the history of the Living Dead, and of an insane experiment that could once again change the entire world. Forced into a final confrontation with a secretive government agency, as well as the outlaws that control Helltown, the characters find themselves in a position to affect the future of the human race— or die trying.

    This subscription brings you all 13 adventures of Chapter Four, a $26.00 value for only $19.99

    Chapter Four will be released weekly on the following dates:

    Week 1: March 5, 2012

    Week 2: March 12, 2012

    Week 3: March 19, 2012

    Week 4: March 26, 2012

    Week 5: April 2, 2012

    Week 6: April 9, 2012

    Week 7: April 16, 2012

    Week 8: April 23, 2012

    Week 9: April 30, 2012

    Week 10: May 7, 2012

    Week 11: May 14, 2012

    Week 12: May 21, 2012

    Week 13: May 28, 2012

    Kostet 15$ und endet am 04.03.2012 bei Onebookshelf.
  9. Kardohan

    Kardohan Gelehrter des Hoenir & Schreiber des Qedeshet verstorben

    Bhoritz aus dem Pinnacle Forum bietet auf seinem Blog Interessantes für alle Savages an, die MapTool u.ä. nutzen:

    Don't drink the water-Part 1


    Having some free hours this weekend, I begun photoshoping the stuff I need to play the scenario "Don't drink the water" for Savage Worlds.
    To avoid spoilers, let's just say that, at the beginning of the scenario, the characters can encounter the french foreign legion.
    So, you'll find here two maps, one with a trail in the desert and another with a small house used by the legionnaries as a post or bivouac.
    I have also included the image I am using for desert background.
    There are two tokens one of a legionnary private and one of a NCO.
    And, of course, there is the wagon (with and without canvas) used by the PCs.

    All the maps, tokens, etc... are made for being used in a VTT (Maptool for me) at 128 pixels/square. So if you use other sizes, you should probably rescale them.
    I use 128 px/square but I generally display the map at around 60-70%; this way, I can zoom in without losing too much quality.
    If you use the drawings here at under 50% (either by rescaling or zooming out) most details shall become too small and quality will suffer.

    I have tried to keep a consistent comics-like look for the maps, tokens and portraits. I hope you'll like it. Anyway, here is the zipped file.

    Don't drink the water-Part 2


    Here is the second part of the maps and tokens destined to be used with the scenario "Don't drink the water" for Savage Worlds.
    It contains a few tokens and a map of ruins in the desert (that can be used in almost any setting).
    You can download it here.
    Last part shall be, obviously, about the village of Bacoachi, its fort and its garrison.
  10. Kardohan

    Kardohan Gelehrter des Hoenir & Schreiber des Qedeshet verstorben

    Necropolis 2350 - Asgard
    Author: Paul "Wiggy" Wade-Williams
    Page Count: 4
    Price: Freebie (TAG)

    I found some assorted notes, so I've spruced them up and thrown them together into a short freebie PDF.

    Grab it here
    TAG Creative Director
    Check us out on Facebook for all the latest news!

    Tharsinion und Zornhau gefällt das.
  11. Kardohan

    Kardohan Gelehrter des Hoenir & Schreiber des Qedeshet verstorben

    Necropolis 2350 - Handy Latin
    Author: Paul "Wiggy" Wade-Williams
    Page Count: 2
    Price: Freebie (TAG)

    While we don't expect players or GMs to be fluent in Latin, here are a few handy phrases to slip into play.
    TAG Creative Director
    Check us out on Facebook for all the latest news!

    Anyone who finds an error may keep it.

  12. Kardohan

    Kardohan Gelehrter des Hoenir & Schreiber des Qedeshet verstorben

    Savage Insider Premium Issue #1
    Author: Aaron T. Huss
    Page Count: 60
    Price: €6.48 €3.59 (DriveThruRPG)

    Welcome to the first premium issue of the Savage Insider magazine, dedicated to supporting the Savage Worlds role-playing game.

    Premium Issue #1 contains four full-length articles providing new content for Savage Worlds and the Mercenary Breed setting, available from Mystical Throne Entertainment.

    Savage Insider Premium Issue #1 includes:
    • Auspicious Archetypes: Hierophant—creating hierophant characters and NPCs
    • Racial Profiling: Dhampir—introducing the dhampir race for characters and NPCs
    • Hastilion Expanse—a campaign setting for use with Mercenary Breed and other space opera settings
    • Mission Alpha—part 1 of a Mercenary Breed campaign set within the Hastilion Expanse

    Look for new issues of Savage Insider Premium every quarter between releases of the free Savage Insider standard issues.
  13. Taysal

    Taysal RSP-Gott

    Es gibt News von PG:

    Unser aktuelles Gewinnspiel ist seit dem 10. Februar beendet und wir möchten allen Einsendern für die rege Teilnahme danken. Es war spannend zu sehen, wo ihr eure Bücher einkauft oder gerne einkaufen würdet. Einige von euch haben das Gewinnspiel direkt erweitert und uns Fotos ihrer Lieblingsläden geschickt oder erläutert, welche Savage-Worlds-Produkte sie gerne bespielen, übersetzt sehen würden etc. Das hatten wir zwar nicht erwartet aber es war sehr interessant und aufschlussreich. Vielen Dank dafür. Die Gewinner werden übrigens heute noch benachrichtigt und die Gewinne in der nächsten Woche verschickt.

    Bleibt savage

    Christian Loewenthal
  14. Kardohan

    Kardohan Gelehrter des Hoenir & Schreiber des Qedeshet verstorben

  15. yennico

    yennico John B!ender

    Ankündigungen zu den Erscheinungsterminen von Redbricks Rollenspielen für Savage Worlds

    Tsu gefällt das.
  16. Kardohan

    Kardohan Gelehrter des Hoenir & Schreiber des Qedeshet verstorben


    Wer für ein Modern Abenteuer noch Figure Flats von Punks, Bikern und Chicks benötigt, kann sich HIER den Satz von RockabillyRebel aus dem Pinnacle-Forum runterladen.
  17. Kardohan

    Kardohan Gelehrter des Hoenir & Schreiber des Qedeshet verstorben

    Hellfrost - Region Guide #50: Hrimthyr Isle
    Model: TAG31251
    Author: Paul "Wiggy" Wade-Williams
    Page Count: 6
    Price: €1.39 (TAG), €1.44 (DriveThruRPG)

    Since the time of the Blizzard War Hrimthyr Isle has been a bastion of evil, home to thousands of Thrym’s barbarous servants. Although the frost giants suffered a bitter defeat a century ago, their strength is building once more. Huge longships packed with giants and orcs once again plague the eastern coast, while within the walls of the mighty fortress of Jarlshof, High Ice King Nagal plans an invasion.

    This supplement looks at the powers of High Ice King Nagal and the perils that await explorers to the forbidding isle of eternal winter, present four new locales, inroduces seven new prc tribes, and details four new wintry hazards.

  18. Kardohan

    Kardohan Gelehrter des Hoenir & Schreiber des Qedeshet verstorben

    Hellfrost - Death & Taxes
    Author: Paul "Wiggy" Wade-Williams
    Page Count: 2
    Price: Free (TAG)

    Following on from the discussion on the cost of Followers, I've coalesced my comments into a freebie. No rules -- just a behind-the-scenes look at the cost of life for peasants, and definitely not a universal guide to peasant wages.

    Hellfrost - Death & Taxes
    TAG Creative Director
    Check us out on Facebook for all the latest news!

  19. Chrischie

    Chrischie Dead Marshall

  20. Kardohan

    Kardohan Gelehrter des Hoenir & Schreiber des Qedeshet verstorben


    Episode 09: It’s Not a Competition (God I Love You) now available!

    From the gaming floor of Genghis Con XXXIII, the staff of the Grill were joined by con guests Clint Black and Sean Preston, DGA folks Leif Olson, Bill Stilson, Linda Tschappat, and Linda Weygant, Rocky Mountain Savages Chris "Savage Mommy" Fuchs and Lee Langston, Ed Doolittle, and others. Wow that's a heck of a list!

    The discussion was about Savage Saturday Night and all the other Savage goodness at the con. Suffice it to say if you didn't make it to Genghis Con this year, you ought to try next year! And if that's too long to wait, check out Tacticon 2012 over Labor Day weekend!
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