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Announcement Made in Dragon Magazine #340

January 16, 2006--SEATTLE, WA: The winners of Green Ronin's True20 Setting Search have been announced in Dragon Magazine #340. Each winning setting will appear in the True20 Adventure Roleplaying core rulebook coming out next month. More than two-dozen publishers participated in the contest and Green Ronin's panel of judges had a lot of great material to choose from. The winning publishers and their settings are:

Big Finger Games for Mecha vs. Kaiju
Black Wyrm Games for Lux Aeternum
Electric Mulch for Borrowed Time
Paradigm Concepts for Caliphate Nights

The quality of submissions was so high that this summer Green Ronin will be publishing another book, True20 Worlds of Adventure, which features the runners-up from the setting search, as well as an original setting by Green Ronin itself. The runners-up and their settings are:

Amalara for Land of the Crane
Expeditious Retreat Press for Nevermore
Reality Blurs for Agents of Oblivion
Reality Deviant Publications for Blood Throne

Green Ronin would like to extend its congratulations to all the winners and runners-up and thank all the companies that chose to participate. Look for more exciting True20 news in the coming months.


The True20 Adventure Roleplaying book presents four diverse settings:

• Caliphate Nights (Paradigm Concepts): Adventure in the lands of mythic Arabia, filled with fantastic tales, perfumed harems, soaring palaces, sinister sorcerers, and cunning djinn. Caliphate Nights features options for framing stories, djinn summoning, and tales in the style of the Thousand and One Nights.

• Lux Aeternum (BlackWyrm Games): In the 23rd century, the Crucible is the collection of star systems where humanity’s fate will be decided. They and other alien races sail the sea of stars like the privateers of ages past. Some wield mysterious disciplines like psionics and the Forbidden Rites of the Unified Church. All seek their fortunes among the worlds of Nexus Sector.

• Mecha vs. Kaiju (Big Finger Games): Mecha Assault Force, unite! The elite MAF uses psychic powers and giant fighting mecha to defend their homeland against the kaiju, giant monsters that are the spawn of science gone wrong.

• Borrowed Time (Electric Mulch): Time is a river, and some can scoop out the “water” and set it aside. Such “borrowed time” can change the course of history, and has on many occasions. Now the temporal reservoirs that have kept reality safe are running dry, the Red Harvest looms, and we are all living on... borrowed time.

The True20 Worlds of Adventure sourcebook provides players with more exciting settings:

• Agents of Oblivion (Reality Blurs): It’s true, all true, what they say. The nightmares are real. They were there in our past. Our myths speak of them. They were dormant, lost interest, went away for a time, but they are back, with a vengeance. Your job is to stop them. Welcome to Oblivion.

• Blood Throne (Reality Deviant Productions): It is a new Age, and the avatar of a mad god sits upon the Blood Throne in the First City of Megath-Tor. Simarra needs heroes to save it—will you be the ones?

• Land of the Crane (Amalara): In the Land of the Crane, ninja silently slip through the night; mystic onmyoji struggle to keep the five elemental forces of nature in balance; and celestial dragons threaten the security of the Empire just as much as the lizard-riding barbarians of the Hordelands. These turbulent times give rise to heroes who will defend the Empire, earn glory for their clans, and bring honor to their ancestors.

• Nevermore (Expeditious Retreat Press): Where reason fades into the mists of myth and dream you’ll find the land of Nevermore, fey retreat from the cold, hard world, realm of dreams—and of nightmares. Mortal dreamers mix with mysterious fey and discover that dreams can sometimes be realer than reality.

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Kein Kainskind!
True20 Adventure Roleplaying

Die Printversion von True20 Adventure Roleplaying ist gerade erschienen. Zu diesem Anlass bietet der Verlag freundlicherweise zwei interessante Downloads auf der offiziellen True20-Website an: zum einen Quickstart-Regeln für's System, zum anderen ein komplettes Abenteuer zum Antesten. Bei diesem Abenteuer handelt sich um das inzwischem schon fast klassische Death in Freeport. Wer's noch nicht hat - billiger geht's nimmer. Und da alle Spielwerte in den Anhang ausgelagert sind, ist es auch für die interessanter, die das Setting lieber mit einem anderen System spielen wollen.