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[Pinnacle Entertainment] Weird War I: War Master's Handbook
James Cambias, Teller
Artist: Aaron Acevedo, Tomek Towrek
Pages: 96
Price: €17,57 €8,78 (DriveThruRPG/RPGNow)


…crawl and slither through the corpse-choked mud. Shapes beyond imagining move in dirty white chlorine clouds. Dark waters stir as the long-dead claw their way toward a sun they haven’t glimpsed in a thousand years.

War blazes across the world, drawing in millions and threatening an end to humanity itself. Men and women fight and die in the deserts of Africa, the mountains of Turkey, the trenches of Europe, or the cold seas of the Atlantic. And in the fear and violence of war, dark things rise…

The Weird War I War Master’s Guide contains the secret history of the Great War, two Plot Point Campaigns, Savage Tales, the Mission Generator, a narrative mission system, notorious heroes and villains, and a menagerie of twisted horrors to confront your brave heroes with.

Requires the Weird War I Player’s Guide and Savage Worlds to play.

[Pinnacle Entertainment] Weird War I: Player's Guide
Artist: Aaron Acevedo
Pages: 96
Price: €17,57 €8,78 (DriveThruRPG/RPGNow)


The world is at war! It’s time for your hero to join the soldiers, sailors, marines and all-new airmen in the greatest war the world has ever known! Fight for glory in what is sure to be a short and mannerly conflict, then come home with a chest full of ribbons to win the kiss of your best gal or guy!

That was the pitch. Now you find yourself knee-deep in mud and corpses on some forsaken battlefield in northern France. The sergeant blows the whistle. It’s time to stand up, fix bayonets, and give the enemy hell in one of the most horrible wars ever to deface the world’s fields and forests. Your country is counting on you, soldier. Over the top you go…

The Weird War I Player’s Guide contains everything you need to make and equip characters from all the Allied and Central powers. You’ll also find a batch of grisly Setting Rules for this most terrible of conflicts, the history of the war, and all the details you need to embrace dark and arcane secrets that may alter the outcome of the War to End All Wars!

Requires the Savage Worlds Core Rules to play, and the War Master needs the Weird War I War Master’s Handbook as well.

Weird War I is part of Pinnacle Entertainment Group’s Weird Wars series. The Twilight Legion has so far marched across the battlefields of Rome, Vietnam, and World War II. Now intrepid soldiers, sailors, airmen, and even civilians must endure the mud and trenches of what would become known as World War I.



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[Gun Metal Games] Codex Infernus: The Savage Guide to Hell
Authors: Allen Farr, Darrell Hayhurst, Darren Pierce, David Jarvis, Monica Valentinelli, Peter J Wacks, Phillip Morgan, Richard August, Richard Woolcock, Rob Wieland, Tommy Brownell
Artists: Alberto Botempi, Bartek Fedyczak, Sam Manley, Dave Allsop, Dean Spencer, Jesus Blones, Jason Walton, Slava Gerj
Pages: 160
Price: €13,18 (DriveThruRPG/RPGNow)

A holy warrior fighting back infernal beasts on the precipice of a fiery pit. Cloaked figures chanting an incantation to bring forth a nameless beast. A man standing at a crossroads bartering with a demonic temptress for fame and fortune; the price of which is his very soul.

Advisers to kings and queens, dictators and presidents, whispering lies at the behest of their demon lords with the fate of nations resting on whether or not the advice is heeded. A scientist examining a strange artifact found on a distant planet that, unbeknownst to him, opens a mysterious gate to a nightmarish dimension when a button is pushed.

These are just a sampling of the myriad images which come to mind when we think of Hell. Codex Infernus: The Savage Guide to Hell, brings those images to life and shows you how to plug them into your games, regardless of what genre you love to play!

In this book you'll find:
  • Ready-to-play character archetypes for fantasy and modern games.
  • New Fantasy races
  • A new Demonic race: Cambion
  • New Edges and Arcane Backgrounds
  • Guidelines for creating Angelic, Demonic, and Hell-forged weapons
  • Guidelines for blessing items—even if you don’t have an Arcane Background!
  • An immersive Fantasy campaign setting
  • A detailed section on Hell itself
  • Guidelines for creating cults
  • A brief look at Hell in various cultures stemming back to ancient Mesopotamia!
  • Rules for demonic pacts, demonic possession, and an optional corruption system
  • Hellish hazards!
  • A gazetteer filled with demons you can use in your games!
This book is in PDF format, is layered for easy viewing, is fully bookmarked, and has both a clickable table of contents, and a clickable index.


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[Void Star Games] Nova Praxis: Ghosts in Darkness
Author: Mike McConnell
Artists: Andree Wallin, Savage Mojo
Pages: 38
Price: €4,39 (DriveThruRPG/RPGNow)

Ghosts in Darkness is an introductory scenerio designed to provide a starting point for new campaigns.

It is meant to introduce the GM and players to the primary elements of the Nova Praxis setting while also setting up a chilling villain that can haunt the PCs for years to come.

Missing and presumed dead, the PC's minds are restored from backup. They awake with no memory of what happened to them, and all records of their prior activity have been mysteriously wiped. Can they solve the mystery of their own disappearance? And will they survive the horror they uncover?

Ghosts in Darkness was originally released in Machinations, for the Fate version of Nova Praxis. This version is for the Savage Worlds version.


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[Kyoudai Games] Savage Thunderscape: Character Sheet
Author & Artist: Mike Brodu
Pages: 2
Price: Freebie (DriveThruRPG/RPGNow)

Get your thunder on in style with this customized Thunderscape character sheet! Usable with any Savage Worlds compatible game, but intended for the awesomeness of the World of Aden!


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[Just Insert Imagination] Winter Eternal Adventure Guide: The Wastelands
Authors: Morné Schaap, Eric Lamoureux
Pages: 45
Price: €4,38 (DriveThruRPG/RPGNow)

The wastelands are dangerous and offer the unprepared a horrible death only. For those brave (or crazy) enough to travel the wastes in an ice suit, this Winter Eternal adventure guide focuses on what lies outside the warm and safe cities.
The book offers information on new locations, plot hooks and adventure ideas. There are new monsters in the bestiary and new gear for explorers to use. Then there is a wonderful and exciting Savage Tale to help start an adventure into the wastelands, or to challenge more seasoned explorers.
If you think it is only the cold that could end your life out in the wastelands, you are very much mistaken. With the adventure guide you can at least prepare a bit more, before heading out to look for riches and mysteries from a time long forgotten.


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RIFTS® for Savage Worlds Kickstarter Starts April 26!

This is your save-the-date card for a gaming marriage of massive proportions—RIFTS® for Savage Worlds! That’s right, the gonzo Megaversal adventure of RIFTS® is teaming up with the genre-spanning easy-prep award-winning Savage Worlds system you know and love, and the Kickstarter is running from April 26 to May 19. It’s such a big deal that we’re even running the Kickstarter campaign a week longer than we normally do!

Set aside April 26 on your calendar and come to the RIFTS® for Savage Worlds Kickstarter kick-off. See the backer rewards for players and GMs alike, start reaching the Stretch Goals, and get in on the ground floor of the magic and mayhem!

RIFTS® for Savage Worlds in the Pinnacle Forum:


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[GRAmel] Tropicana: Die Fast... (or die trying)
Authors: Mauro Longo, Giuseppe Rotondo, Andy Slack
Pages: 7
Price: €1,77 (DriveThruRPG/RPGNow)

On the sunny road that goes along the beautiful beach of Bahia del Sol, the heroes find themselves in the middle of a shooting, a hail of lead pouring onto an old Kombi cabover panel van. And from there, things only get worse!

An introductory adventure for Tropicana, for 3-6 Novice Heroes or a Startup Agency. Hails of bullets, chases, fights, deadly mysteries, windows smashing and shards of glass everywhere; find out the secrets of that damn corpse everybody wants to get their hands on!


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[Mystical Throne Entertainment] Mythos: Epic Gamemastering
Author: Gilbert Gallo
Pages: 115
Price: €8,82 (DriveThruRPG/RPGNow)

The Olympians have spoken and you are to join the ranks of heroes and heroines involved in the Heavenly Contest! The Olympian deities are in a race to find the successor to Zeus’s throne, with the successor acquiring the greatest number of followers. But the gods and goddesses are quite busy, and to shine their light upon the mortals of Hellas requires intervention of a divine scale. Heroic deeds are a must if one is to prove themselves worthy for the gratification of Olympus and the pursuit of seeing their patron deity rise to rulership! Are you strong, brave, and smart enough for the challenge? We will see how you fair against the great beasts of Hellas and the heroes and heroines who support your rival deity. This is the Heavenly Contest. This is Mythos!

In Mythos, you assume the role of a demigod or devoted human of the gods and goddesses of Olympus in a heroic mythological representation of Ancient Greece. Heroes and heroines join in the Heavenly Contest to prove their worth to the deities and spread the word of their patron deity to the mortals of Hellas, in hopes of raising their patron deity to the Olympus throne. Heroes and heroines come from all walks of life, representing their patron deity as adventurers, fighters, hoplites, Olympic athletes, courtesans, sages, and rogues. Through affiliations with deific cults and Mystery Cults, they gain access to great powers and follow the strands of Fate as they travel Hellas in search of their next, grand performance.

Inside Epic Gamemastering you will find:
  • An introduction to Hellas and it's major locations
  • GM's guide to creating epic campaigns
  • Random adventure creator
  • A collection of epic tales
  • A large collection of epic fiends to throw at your heroes
  • An introductory adventure
  • … and more!
Epic Gamemastering is not a standalone setting and requires the Savage Worlds core rulebook. Mechanics for creating characters can be found in the Hero's Handbook.

Epic Gamemastering contains only the GM information from the Mythos core setting guide.


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[Triple Ace Games] Hellfrost: Atlas of the Frozen North
Author: Paul 'Wiggy' Wade-Williams
Artist: Robin Elliott
Pages: 386
Price: €44,09 PDF; €87,31 Premium Color HC; €131,39 €104,94 PDF & Premium Color HC (DriveThruRPG/RPGNow)

Hellfrost Atlas General Release

Atlas of the Frozen North brings new detail and exquisite maps for your adventures in Rassilon.

The world of Rassilon is an ancient land, one scarred by war, weather, and time. Over countless millennia it has hidden its many secrets from view. Unlock these secrets and discover the world of Rassilon in all its glory!

Hellfrost: Atlas of the Frozen North takes you on an epic journey of discovery and exploration, one which delves deep into the rich geography and history of the lands of the frozen north. Triple Ace Games invites you to hold all of this epic landscape in your hands as we open up the secrets of Rassilon in new and amazing detail.

Your adventure in this vibrant land will never be the same once you have glanced upon the pages of the Atlas!

Within this book you’ll find:
  • Expanded descriptions on 49 regions, as well as the mystical lands of Alfheim, the turbulent Ten Seas, and the subterranean deeps of Ertha’s Realm.
  • Hundreds of locations to explore.
  • Rules for creating sacred places, with detailed examples.
  • Three new organizations suitable for player characters.
  • Glorious full color maps, showing the continent and major cities in never-seen-before detail.

Requires the Hellfrost: Gazetteer.


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[Fainting Goat Games] Miscreants, Malefactors and Megalomaniacs Volume 2
Walt Robbilard, Sean Nokes, AP Klosky
Pages: 29
Price: €6,64 €3,65 (DriveThruRPG/RPGNow)

The original Miscreants, Malefactors and Megalomaniacs was so well received by Savages, we decided to launch Volume 2 to bring even more bad guys to your superpowered Savage Worlds game.

MM&M Volume 2 contains a bakers dozen of bad guys, thugs, supervillains and misunderstood anti-heroes to add some fun to your next ICONS game. Characters such as:
  • Crushclaw - Tragic, crustacean hulk with a forgotten past
  • Bombard - An iron man gone very wrong
  • Bada Boom - Super-power ganglord with an explosive temper
  • Gouger - Blood-thirsty merc who hunts superhumans for pay
  • The Living Reposity -An intergalactic harbinger of global extinction
  • Manta Ray - Last son of Atlantis who has sworn revenge against the surface world
  • And More!
This product is compatible with material found in the Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion 2nd Edition


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[Dramascape] SciFi Steel Foundry
Authors: Simon Powell, Steven J Black
Artist: Simon Powell
Pages: 66
Price: €4,42 (DriveThruRPG/RPGNow)

DramaScape Savage Worlds Adventure Vol 10: SciFi Steel Foundry

This product is a full-color, 48 inch by 30 inch, Battlemap of a SciFi Steel Foundry, with Hex, Square and No overlay and comes with a Savage Worlds Adventure.
The PDF includes includes the VTT (Virtual Table Top Images for online play).

“The Stakhijian Empire has controlled this planet for far too long. Our rebellion starts now. If we can destroy their steel foundry at the top of Mount Stakhia, then we strike a blow at their symbolic heart of fire and steel as well as hurt their steel production to continue making weapons, vehicles, walkers, and ships.” —Wotez, Revolutionary of planet Pheria

SciFi Steel Foundry is a single floor interior and exterior map of a steel manufacturing facility built on top of a volcanic mountain. The mouth of the volcano is underneath the foundry’s southeast corner. Either crucibles are dipped into the volcano’s mouth to harvest ore directly from the volcano’s magma or the heat and air currents from the volcano are used as a natural furnace and bellows to convert iron ore into steel. The steel is then poured into molds and turned into steel blocks. The steel blocks are placed into cargo containers and then removed via a carryall to a refinery for further processing or a factory for immediate use. The carryall returns with more workers, food, water, fuel, and raw materials as needed to keep the foundry running and personnel alive and working as well as replace any personnel that die from the harsh working conditions.

SciFi Steel Foundry is intended for use in near or far-future science fiction settings.

The included One Sheet: The Raid on Mount Stakhia has NPC and vehicle statblocks made with the Savage Worlds Core Rules and Science Fiction Companion by Pinnacle Entertainment Group and includes printable stat cards.

The Raid on Mount Stakhia: Wotez, a revolutionary of planet Pheria, wants to overthrow the Stakhijian Empire. Wotez, like many of the low classes, hates the draconian government and brutal working conditions worldwide from foundries to refineries to mines, where Human life is thrown away in the pursuit of raw materials and resources to continue to fuel the Stakhijian Empire’s expansion throughout the solar system. He has recruited the group into the fold as revolutionaries and plots for a way to get them into Mount Stakhia to strike an important steel foundry built on top of a volcano…(continued inside)


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[Evil Beagle Games] Savagely Useful: Random Magical Items
Author: Sean Patrick Fannon
Pages: 5
Price: €2,61 (DriveThruRPG/RPGNow)

You're running a fantasy game in Savage Worlds, or a game where magic items are a part of the experience. You need some items on the fly, or maybe you're just really stumped while preparing a session.

Savagely Useful: A Random Magical Item Generator for Savage Worlds is the first in a series of "useful stuff" for Savage Worlds Game Masters. It's a set of quick-and-easy tables that will help you rapidly create random items - Minor Items, Major Items, and even Relics are possible with this system of tables.

These tables were originally created for the Primeval Thule Campaign Setting for Savage Worlds, which we at Evil Beagle Games helped Sasquatch Game Studio put together.


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[Pinnacle] Savage Rifts Kickstarter

26.04.2016 ab 18:00 MESZ

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[Pinnacle] Savage Rifts® Kickstarter Launches!

Atomic fire and arcane Armageddon destroyed all that once was, bringing on a world of magic and monsters, cybernetic post-humanism, and infinite potential for both greatness and disaster. This is the terrifying, wonderful world of Rifts®, and it’s gone completely Savage!

Join us as we bring the over-the-top heroes of Rifts® to the popular Savage Worlds system! With everything from Juicers to Ley Line Walkers, Glitter Boys to Mind Melters, demons to war machines, the gonzo, big-guns-and-super-magic world comes to a new generation.

Be sure to check the Savage Rifts® Kickstarter project for full details on the different backer levels, Stretch Goals, and available add-ons. Between the three core books—all scheduled for PDF release a month or so after the Kickstarter—the maps, the GM Screen, and all the extras, there’s a backer level package for everyone!

For more information and input, just check the Internet! Catch the interviews on MythWits Live, Interrogation Droid, Through Gamer Goggles, The Wild Die, and The SavageCast to hear more about the Savage Rifts® Kickstarter. Or you can see what other people are saying now in the reviews from Tommy Brownell on The Most Unread Blog on the Internet and Christopher Helton on ENWorld.

Join us as we enter a new world—or several—of high adventure with the Savage Rifts® Kickstarter project!

Stand: 780% der Finanzierungssumme (nach ca. 60 min)


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[Pinnacle] Savage Rifts® Glitter Boy Preview

This is a preview of the Glitter Boy for Savage Rifts®. It isn’t final and some details may change before the book is finally sent to print, but it will give you an idea how we’re working things and what you can expect with the other Iconic Frameworks.

Stand: 2167% der Finanzierungssumme (nach rund 2 Tagen)


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[Pinnacle] Update: Savage Rifts® Player's Guide is Going BIG—and EU Friendly!

We have an exciting new Stretch Goal for you! Actually, several.

After considering all the requests to print Stretch Goal PDFs like playing D-Bees and Dog Boys and Dragons (yes Dragons! see below), or additional weapons and gear, we decided to try making the Player's Guide BIGGER!

This is something we've never done before in our graphic novel format, but since this Kickstarter is really something special, we've decided to do something special too.

We can't promise all of the material being offered as PDF stretch goals will make it into the expanded Player's Guide, but we'll do our best. The retail price after the Kickstarter will be higher, but we don't know by how much yet. You fine folks backing our Kickstarter, of course, are not paying any more for the bigger book—that's why it's a stretch goal for $300,000. (And yes, of course there are more Stretch Goals before that!)

Our merchant level friends may be especially excited about this announcement since they now get a greater than 50% discount on their package if we hit $300,000. We hope this starts people playing Savage Rifts® in their store every week. So please tell your FLGS!

It's also another reason for your friends to back at the Player's Guide level: they get the book at retail price PLUS all the Stretch Goal material, including Bookmarks and Character Folio! So you do nothing to get a bigger book. Just tell all your friends and help us hit $300,000 goal.

Three Weeks

This will delay the books by 3 weeks. We're already working on the material and ordering art. We have a plan to make this work pretty quickly, but it's still a lot of extra work from all our team.

We figured the vast majority of you won't mind a potential delay in exchange for all this material worked into the print versions, but of course if that does bother you, we understand if you need to withdraw your pledge.

The EU Solution

As we've said for a while with both this and our previous projects, we are constantly looking at new shipping solutions to the EU. Even working with great partners overseas hasn't saved much once they add in the additional labor and freight. Companies with higher volume than ours get better rates, but we're still a little company and just can't get the same kinds of discounts that some others do.

But we do have at least a partial solution for our friends in the EU, and we're continuing to look for even more. We just don't want to promise anything until we know for sure it will work. (Sorry, Australia and Canada, we still don't have a better solution for you.)

What we have been able to work out means that customers in the EU pay no VAT or customs taxes. (We're paying it.)

For some of you, this means a savings of around $100 on the highest tier package. The process is this: we ship a palletload of prepackaged, prelabeled boxes to our friends in Germany and pay the customs as a publisher. They ship to you, if you live in the European Union. We reimburse them the postage.

Right now we have a little over 100 backers coming from the EU, but no way to tell if they are print or PDF backers. This is an experiment for us, and does not yet mean a reduction in the other shipping costs (we can't alter the reward levels anyway—Kickstarter locks them as soon as one person backs at that level, to protect you).

Do you know of a warehouse in Canada or Australia who will reship a palletload of boxes? Have them email Jodi at [email protected]. So far it hasn't worked out with the usual suspects, but we'll keep trying for you.

New Stretch Goals

I bet you jumped down here to read the stretch goals already, didn't you? ;)

$210,000 D-Bee: Quick-Flex Another very popular D-Bee race, the Quick-Flex live up to their names, excellent in combat and vehicle operation. (PDF)

$220,000 EX-5 Behemoth The "mobile home" of Robot Armor vehicles, the venerable and beloved Behemoth Explorer is a fortress on the move for your Tomorrow Legion team. (PDF)

$230,000 The Contamination Principle Adventure by Darrell Hayhurst Darrell Hayhurst has worked on Hard Vacuum, Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition, Codex Infernus, AMP Year 3, Torg Eternity with Shane, and now Savage RIFTS®. (PDF)

$240,000 D-Bee: N'mbyr Gorilla Man An iconic D-Bee race, found in many `Burbs around Chi-Town and elsewhere, and notable for its resemblance to Earth-born simians. (PDF)

$250,000 Character Folio in Print! Players and GMs alike, take note! This booklet will have a character sheet for filling out and pages for notes, character portraits, maps, NPC rosters, and more, so your character is ready to play anytime! Note: This Stretch Goal will be delivered to physical backers in print; everyone will receive a PDF copy.

$260,000 D-Bee: Lyn-Srial The Golden Ones are a winged race of protectors and peacekeepers, many earning their other nickname, the Sky-Knights. (PDF)

$270,000 Playing a Flame Wing Dragon by Sean Patrick Fannon The chance to play a genuine dragon is one of the legacies of RIFTS®. We’ll detail how to create and play a Dragon Hatchling, including special abilities and Edges for this unique Iconic Framework. (PDF)

$280,000 Murderthon PDF Adventure by Ross Watson Ross cranks out a second adventure! (PDF)

$290,000 Coalition Field Manual by Sean Patrick Fannon The armor, vehicles, weapons, and other gear of the Coalition States are some of the most coveted on the Black Market, and most despaired by any on the wrong side of a conflict with them. (PDF)

$300,000 Bigger Player’s Guide! (Print) We’ll add as many of the digital Stretch Goals into the Player’s Guide *in print* and into the final PDF. Retail price on the Player’s Guide at this point will be higher than $19.99, so backers are getting a more expensive book—a more comprehensive Player’s Guide—for free!

That's lots of news...please go share it! And thank you for your support. :)


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[Pinnacle] Making Rifts® Savage: Mega Damage, Vampires, and Juicer Burn

This Design Diary from Sean Patrick Fannon gives a brief glimpse of some of the work he’s put into making Rifts® for Savage Worlds.

In this PDF he discusses how Mega Damage=Heavy Armor/Heavy Weapon (well….sort of), how a Rifts® Vampire is not a Savage Worlds “Vampire,” and Juicers’ Burn mechanics.

Click the image above or go here to download the Design Diary now:



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[Pinnacle] Making Rifts® Savage: Iconic Frameworks and Making Magic Mega

Sean Patrick Fannon has another Design Diary for how we’ve been “Making Rifts® Savage!”

In this PDF Sean talks about how magic—and psionics—went mega in the Savage Rifts® version of the Megaverse®. He also talks about the similarities and differences between a “character class” and Iconic Framework.

Click the image above or go here to download the Design Diary now:



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[GRAmel] Terror Planet of the Amazon Queen
Author: Jakub Osiejewski
Pages: 35
Price: €7,00 €5,25 (DriveThruRPG/RPGNow)

Terror Planet of the Amazon Queen is a 35-page long pulp adventure for Savage Worlds, where the player characters have to face an invading army of warrior women from the innards of alien planet... in another dimension... from the future. The heroes will have to fight dinosaurs, strange predators, primitive warriors, interdimensional portals and will glimpse the true evil - strange Caretakers manipulating the plot behind the scenes.

This adventure contains enough setting material and story hooks to be an introduction to a pulp campaign of your own, exploring the wonders of Amazon planet; or it could be a stand-alone experience – we have provided a set of four pre-generated characters.

Dinosaurs, warrior women from another dimension, evil queens, technorganic sorcery – all that awaits your players.
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