Mongoose Traveller Traveller Adventure: Three Blind Mice

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    District 268 with its varied polities and existence in the shadow of the Imperium to trailing, and the Zhodani to Coreward is always a region where travelling can be, well, interesting. In the years prior to the Fifth Frontier War, these tensions can be exacerbated by any number of factions having their own agendas: political, personal, provocative. The Cold War between Trexalon and Collace doesn’t help matters. Close to the borders with the Trojan Reaches a desperate group of individuals is about to encounter a motley collection of merchants just trying to make their way.
    A Traveller adventure designed for 3-6 people with varying backgrounds set in the Spinward Marches in the years prior to the Fifth Frontier War. Stowaways, agents, an orphan and the odd former slaver or two... it's all happening against a backdrop of disability in various forms and possibly even a wartime atrocity. Uses Mongoose Traveller rules.

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    Die Bewertungen sind bislang positiv ;)
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