Strangeness in the Porportion erschienen


Es gibt eine neue Geschichte für Vampire: The Requiem als PDF zu kaufen:
Strangeness in the Proportion - White Wolf |

Kostet soweit nur €3,61 ist halt eine Novel.
Beschreibung von DriveThru:
From the moment a quirky medical examiner falls in love with Jane Doe, he is drawn into the hidden supernatural world behind her murder: a World of Darkness.

This novel set in the new World of Darkness was previously serialized on the White Wolf website, and is now collected together for the first time!

JOSHUA ALAN DOETSCH once built a flesh golem out of grave-robbed parts and leftover Halloween candy. By strange chance, this golem is fueled by rejection slips. Every day it begs and it pleads, "Please, kind sir, keep me alive!" And so Joshua writes. You can thank White Wolf for making the poor golem go hungry for another day.

Joshua is from October Country, Illinois, but currently writes video game dialogue in Montreal. He has a fondness for fedoras, does a mean Christopher Walken impersonation, and, once upon a road trip dreary, wrote a blues song about necrophilia.