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Nylonthotep - Ein Soloabenteuer entsteht



Wer für englisch zu faul ist, kann es lassen, selbiges gilt für hirnloses Feedback von Leuten, die selbst nichts hinkriegen, sich aber als meine Kritiker aufplustern.

Nylonthotep-Alone in the Desert, Sample

Adult Solo-Adventure based upon my first script, Banish with Laughcraft, to inspire a PC Game & audio tale to make me earn much money...
Andre` M. Pietroschek, 2002-2003 © all rights reserved
I first wished to write this for White Wolfs Vampire-The Masquerade, yet WoD Sorcerer brought me to a smarter solution.

“Murder never solved anything is a statement of those who couldn’t get the job done”

You are one of the chosen, one could even say enlightened. Many years life became pure joy to you. You are one of the many pleasure slaves of Nylonthotep, obscure, legendary sorcerer of an psychotic, invisible entity of my Laughcraftian myth. High ranking member in the order named Serpents of Delight. You learned to operate in the cover of darkness (symbol for ignorance & flaws). Subterfuge and stealth made you gain access to forgotten tomes. Diplomacy and patience brought you those insights you could not reap via ritual, introspection or incantations. Where cults, sects, lodges or orders reached a degree of competence, you infiltrated. Backed by an ever-growing number of brethren you became an experienced cultist and rose above the kine by succeeding with your first myth spell. Although a hero in the eyes of your brethren and disciples, you were still bound to the flesh. Time went by as the years weakened your flesh and a desperate anxiety gnawed at your grim resolve. Deep in your heart you knew that planet earth is guilty of the sins mendacity and boredom. There just had to be ways to backstab such facts. Sadly, reality denied to be poisoned or banished. Debauchery, sexual intercourses and seduction, enticement as depravity were all good old habits to you. One day you received the great orgasm, simply said, you died horribly. You still don’t know what pulled your ticket. Yet it was a surefire bet that rival cultists would rape your tomes, your money, your life and do unpleasant things to your precious corpse. A burning wrath versus Apophis cultists made you get a last rapture of arcane meaning. You thought yourself a dying schizoid when suddenly you awoke from torpor. Purified by and transformed into the sacred cosmic slime. Yeuch! Nylonthotep, who seduced the reaper just long enough to get you back, granted you this as a sign of divine intervention. Slime, the ultimate essence of all dimensions, between and beyond. The eons went forth and time N space could no longer take their toll upon you. For a while all was quite acceptable. Then the nightmares began. Your shattered mind focussed and things got very clear. Heresy! The powers behind the cults of Apophis and Anubis turned the plots on earth versus the primordial virtues of Nylonthotep. Sacrilege. Being part of the entity you did no longer need to decipher weird scrolls or do incantations. You knew spoiling their plots by offing the competitions sorcerer, slitting throats, backstabbing and tempting their cultists would be a nearly convincing charade to materialize as a mortal critter and slash their guts for the pure thought of your corpse getting desecrated. Hm... ok, you just were bored and any excuse is ok as long as it works. Dripping from the tapestry is now only enough of your essence to materialize one life form. You will return as a human to better pursue your goals and further to allow sexual intercourse with kin and critters alike.

Character Generation
The table below shows your basic stats (average citizen of Theben or so), which are at ##, means two dice to roll. You get 10 points to distribute here, allowing you to raise your personal preferences, up to ##### per stat. It’s the hierophant, quite suiting. I test with # distributed. Oh, it’s 4-sided dice, look like pyramids! The computer game should feature males and females as equals, yet constant typing of s/he makes the auto-correction go amok, sorry. Do you wonder why no Magic points, rituals and spells? Soon you’ll know.

Strength ## Fascination ### Perception ### Resolve ####
Agility ### Manipulation ## Prudence ### Sleight of Mind ###
Toughness ### Appearance ## Acumen ### Self-Confidence ###

Physical Damage Shock & Trauma
Bruises = Toughness score Setbacks = Self-Confidence score
Ouch’s OOO Flashback = Acumen score
Wounds OOO Shock = Resolve score
Atrophy OO Freudian Fury OO
Dead you are O Insanity O

Notes on Wounds, you have to fill in your proper attribute score at some places and sign in wounds you receive in the proper classification. If you reach maximum in i.e. Bruises, you fill in the remaining damage by Ouch’s, if you get full at Setbacks, you continue at Flashbacks. This way you come closer to death and madness with more damage suffered. Atrophy has a little special, subtracting all signed O’s from your traits , toll for pain and mutilation. The dreaded Freudian Fury will subtract dies from your joy of life (text like “you” will become “case number” or “the patient”) and further increase the risk of your sorcery failing (thy foes magic wand is better than yours). If all boxes are filled, the next hit will make you die (physical) or be definitely insane (shock& trauma), no way back. The myth resilience which I mention later will allow you to ignore some damage, which would flay a mortal apart. Bleeding: All cutting and piercing weapons cause you to bleed, if more than just bruises are scored. Humans can bleed to death. If a wound starts bleeding, you either bandage yourself successfully or bleed for a certain amount, depending on wound-type. If you have bandages, you roll Agility+Prudence with a difficulty of 3 to bandage Ouch’s and 4 to bandage Wounds. Atrophy can’t be bandaged, nerve damage and such.

Equipment: Clothing, 4 doses of fluid , 4 packages of chew crap, a wicked looking dagger XL, a colt Noisemaker, pull that silly crook and it barks while blasting holes into flesh or concrete, it will bark five times, under the miniature hammer one chamber is empty. 4 six sided dies of shiny metal slices, some funny pictures carved into them. Sunglasses. Bandages & Balm, Gimel softpack & lighter. Whip. No, your figure won’t wear full plate armour with underlying padded clothing during a desert quest.

Clothing allows to store some items, especially Gimel cigarettes and lighter. Ritually getting rid of them is part of Nylonthoteps notorious practices.
Fluid is needed when your body starts feeling strange in one way, the reader may contemplate the pleasure of having water-supply while under the desert sun.
Chew Crap is your food, momma always gave you some before you left, the stomach starts acting strange when denied it for a while and devouring the wrong crap, like brains of the dead, makes you feel very sick and vomit.
Well, the dagger XL is a very large, high quality blade useful for cutting, slashing or pummelling someone with the great Pommel which is the end of the handle.
While the snub nose revolver is only .38 your character is pretty skilled in blasting the hole precisely where s/he wants it. Use it for major opponents, you won’t find new bullets. Be aware you landed in ancient egypt of myth. Hide it until needed... Babes I mean myth, not egypt of history or Hollywood.
Shiny metal slices, gold coins sounds used-up a bit, well there is some market before things get tough.
Sunglasses, to hide your insecurity? Well, they help you avoid headache and jammed vision due bright light.
Bandages & Balm, to do first aid and avoid wound infections, as long as your vessel is needed. Don’t lose this!
Whip, no Indiana Jones here, it’s a sex-toy. (Initiated into Erich von Gotha)

Fuck the notes, will try to get my idea of a paragraph system Hyperlink which allows you to go back click wise or re-chose options; across. Let’s get started:

You arrived on this world, things went downhill from thereon…
Strange visions and a confusing nausea jammed your perceptions, but something yellow and familiar, an edgy building remains in your memories. While the last drops of slime crawl towards what will soon be your mortal vessel, you wonder where the dimensional shift has brought you. Hopefully it won’t be a wrong place at the wrong time in the false universe again. While the slime transforms into bones, flesh and other components of your forming body, you perceive muttered words and the first view upon passing people. It is egypt, home of the competition. Your slime was destined to drop from the ceiling of an deserted building, yet who would complain, you just missed it a notch. Several bystanders just passed out, shocked by the horrid perception of slime turning into flesh. Swiftly cutting their throats you earn the metal slices and suiting clothing which I already listed under equipment. [My readers acumen makes me feel a bit more comfortable in this vile world]. Grabbing a simple linen sack to store more items you look around. Ignoring the blinking main quest icons, you venture forth to the slavers market. Of course this horrible thought puts up again, claiming that buying supplies is much more important, but you are too experienced to fall prey to this kind of hallucination. If there is one good idea right now, it’s having sex! Maybe you can just enjoy carnal desires till the enemy sorcerer dies of old age. It sounds quite reasonable. Driven by the compulsive power of desire you lurk for the most attractive female (or male, or mule) for offer. Concentrating on your fellow auctioneers you are very pleased to see them waste their resources on working slaves. Finally your voice strikes like a viper. Knowing how to reach your goal you buy a bunch of dwarves. These sturdy, stocky mutants are of a savage culture which is extremely useful for nearly any kind of abuse. Dwarves, dumb as they are, like it. They are so insulting and hypocritical that their constant begging for more punishment is hardly to ignore. A gorgeous princess is now available and the friendly smile on your face tells the upset merchant, how he may gain the labor-freaks. Ever grateful for the intuitive understanding of humans, you reach your goal, already drowning in prophecies of pleasure. A strange luck, your empathic talent grants you area knowledge and warns you that a series of throat-slitting did occur recently. The princess is whipped into cooperation and gets a silk cloak so that no bystanders may touch what is rightfully yours. All are happy, you will have sex and the merchant has slaves to experiment with as to carry alchemistical stuff all day long. The slaver has earned his due and you wander towards one of those, by now empty houses. Focussing your mind you manipulate the memories of families and servants, thereby gaining the resources and homes of your former victims. Perhaps you should earn a reward by framing someone? Later. Vigilant you accompany your bed slave towards the most suiting of your houses. The walk through the street is inspiring and you could spend an entire year with further seduction, tempting and sewing strife. Sadly, you are virtue personified. This one night has to suffice, you are on a mission. Three days later the morning sun and the smoke of your Gimel cigarette rise through the curtains of your window. If not for age, you could swear that satisfaction makes immune to exhaustion, time and duty. Foolish, of course one has to reach self-mastery in all of Nylonthoteps virtues, to achieve such powers. Well, you at least accidentally did something right, as your return to the flesh has proven. A mix of melancholia heralds the rise of another insight from the depth of your sacred soul. Aren’t entities just very successful sorcerers who left the mortal existence behind? Wouldn’t this mean a fan, namely a cultist, becomes a sorcerer by being inspired into action by an entity or idea, instead of wasting time and energy on admiration? And the moaning little slut claims she has been abused. Such painful thoughts nearly drive you insane while she does not even have to confront some of the most dangerous cults in existence. Life is a bitch and thereby, logically, always favours females. Self-loathing won’t do you any good though and this means you do a psychic projection. One of your now empty houses has servants whom you can mind control into delivering a breakfast. Empowering your water supply by sheer force of slime, you manage to assure that you will not thirst out there in the sands. Doing a little divination by focussing on patterns which you kiss upon her body, you can make out the goal. Only one part of the desert is shielded from scrying eyes. Sadly it will be a tough march and with the sun already making the heat noteworthy, this means it’s time to dash for the wire. Valiant hero, venture forth upon your quest, no more hesitation, no regrets. No assistant heroes popped up, so you dare to go alone.

0 A tribute to animals have rights?
You have left the bustling city behind and marched through the sands for several hours. An instance ago you managed to evade a group of sandmen. These nomads are forged by a lifestyle which has no place for mistakes, be it mercy or friendliness. Knowing that fighting or seducing a group would waste valuable resources and give you this headaches and nausea which your sorcery sometimes brings along, you sneaked away. Crossing some more dunes, short before your planned rest, you perceive a strange sensation. A seemingly erratic pattern of occult energy heralds the first contact with the magical defence of your opposition. Disguised as a simple scorpion, the guardian of this area launches a devastating psychic assault upon you. Time to use your innate abilities, will you:
· Roll Self-Confidence to block the venomous little stinger and gleefully stomp it to death? Check 1A
· Roll Fascination + Manipulation, calming the critter instead of feeling threatened by lurking death? 1B
· Roll Conviction, to take the damage, being hit yet going unscathed due myth resilience? 1C
· Banish with Laughter, roll Sleight of Mind to redirect the psychic assault back to it’s user, as you learned from counter-rituals and mind shield, eons ago? 1D

Please roll the number of dice you have in the trait and count every 2, 3 or 4 as success (score). If you score three successes, you start some Bruce Lee crap against a little scorpion. Your foot describing a swift, lethal arc, your enemy unable to block or dodge. Please clean your sandal. If you roll less than three scores, the scorpion starts it upon you instead. This means, you kick in the proper direction, but the lin kuei warrior scorpion gracefully evades your dangerous stomp, dodging left, blocking with it’s right scissor while simultaneously stinging your ankle. It even manages to rip off some of your clothing, wielding it like a trophy with the left scissor before you can impale it with your blade. This results in you filling one O of Atrophy. If you ever transform into a scorpion, you will have some vague idea about the Weng Chen Double Scissor form though! Smart as you are it would also mean you take the scorpion with you, allowing you to apply the remaining venom, in case you need it.
Our drama continues at 1E

Knowing that emotion sometimes makes sense, you give an honest smile, acknowledging the scorpions superiority, right of dominion and honourable character. Please roll Fascination+ Manipulation stats and score with every 3 or 4. If you get two scores, you manage to negotiate a non-aggression pact. Please be reminded dancing with a scorpion may look funny in a computer game. With three scores (dice rolled at 3 or 4) the critter likes you. This would allow you to melt with it’s essence and learn, gaining access to a venom spell. The sad news is your new friends psychic assault hit you and you will fill in you first Shock O. If you scored this, you may take your new companion with you after crafting a shoulder seat for him or her. The game continues at 1E

The years of self-mastery had some benefit. Devoid of emotion and empowered by slime the psychic assault leaves you totally unscathed. At least from your characters perspective. Unknown to your figure, there is no myth resilience, your sorcery transfers the damage to another being. Perhaps it’s only a dwarf or elf, but maybe it’s someone who could be killed or brain-dead before s/he tells you the secret password or so. Nylonthotep is not the god of contemplation and honour though. You can now either take another option (1A, 1B or 1D) or myth resist until the scorpion stops attacking, continue at 1E

Please roll Sleight of Mind stat and count every 2, 3 or 4 as a success (score). Granted with experience in spoiling attempts to curse, transmutate or banish you, it’s a humorous response to channel the harmful energy back to the source. The scorpion now needs a therapist for sure! The little critter starts a withdrawal and you are relieved to see that all worked out fine. If you rolled three scores, you will regain one O of Setbacks for this, sadly you are still fresh in this part of the table. If you did not even get one success, things get worse, in this case the devastating attack hits some traumatized echo of your core and results in you filling in one O of Freudian Fury! Still enough guts to read 1E ?

Checking your sunglasses and breathing you recover from your encounter. Empathic skill makes you sense that the magical energy still flows and you wonder if your arrival has been noticed. Focussing on what your mind perceives like a pattern, you energize your self with the mystical fascination and sorcerers non-detection which may be suiting to evade a certain degree of attention. Player, note that the difficulty of any divination or scrying upon you, by the antagonist, is increased by 1 on dice roll or neutralizing one dice from score. This will give you some time and avoid some nasty surprises. The joy of life makes you ignore the heat for a while. Wandering through the sands, always vigilant for any possibility to breach the magical pattern or at least understand it. Finally, you get a sneaking suspicion. Who claims that you have to breach it at all? Valiantly charging forwards you change your course to reach a strange looking mountain. Your senses shift their perception, a moment you see a mountain, the next you perceive a Temple-like building. Your fingers begin to paint the remnants of archaic symbols into the sand. Just where your tired foot stopped. You think it is very wise to react to subconscious actions, painting ceremonial symbols… Please take a note. Entering the shielded area will mean you attack a capable sorcerer on his home turf. Needless to say, the barrier will not aid you, but him. If your stats in Sleight of Mind and Confidence grant you more than 5 dice you may be able to evade some of the powers which will support your foe. If you have more than five dice in Acumen and Resolve you know when and how to block some of the backlashes you have to expect. If Intelligence + Perception count more than five dice you may look for a way to neutralize his additional power-source during this quest. Such a task would involve making deals with his (or her) guardians, destroying certain artefacts and doing some well-timed, exhausting rituals. You may have spend your traits in a way to combine these options. A warrior style character may achieve some of this by killing certain guardians, though I am not happy to make violence the perfect all-round solution. Your march brought you in visual range of a temple building, maybe a ruin. It is now time to decide in which way you wish to approach it:
· Will you enhance your camouflage and sneak towards the building in a straight line? 2A
· Do you wish to circle the building either by running or by stealth (including magic)? 2B
· Approach the building normally, yet boosting your awareness, to avoid nasty surprises? 2C
· Empower yourself, focussing upon a teleport which makes you land on the temples rooftop? 2D
· Do an extensive divination for the four options here (needs 5 or more dice in Perception + Sleight of Mind) before making a choice? The risk is, if you ever roll only 1’s with a dice roll, you will suffer damage. 1F

You relax a while, preparing for the sensitive task at hand. Your minds eye begins to translate into visualized images what your enhanced senses perceived. The building is guarded and you are not among the accepted visitors right now. Your charm might change this though. Your degree of skill will influence your success with all given options. 2A will make you approach two guards and one possible image shows you fighting them while you are shot with arrows from above. 2B reveals the risk of being shot and that the building has only one visible entrance. 2C will make it hard to reach the guards before being shot, yet it may be possible to charm them and learn what this building is. 2D you can surprise the guards upon the roof, yet you will have to fight them due your spontaneous appearance in such unexpected way. This would alert the other guards, if you can’t combine your teleport with a silencing effect. More you cannot grasp for now. Please roll sleight of mind, if you score at least with two dice >1 you feel well. If you roll less, it would mean to fill one O Flashbacks. If only 1’s are rolled it means fill 1 O Shock. This idea of sorcery reflects that forcing reality to bend to your will makes you run the risk of ending like a burned out lunatic, besides other possible failures. Oh all options will be no problem if you boost your myth resilience to soak the damage. Make your choice.


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Nylonthotep habe ich im August 2000 angefangen, als ich Banne mit Laughcraft gerade in deutsch und englisch korriegiert hatte. Die Frage warum ich viele Texte nur in englisch verfasse könnte sich damit beantworten, dass ich keine Probleme damit habe, ne Weltsprache zu benutzen und das finanzkräftige Firmen eh alle in Amerika sitzen, bzw. machen, was die Amerikaner machen. ;( Meine Texte sind bei knapp 200 Firmen eingegangen, sei es für PC-Spiele, Hörspiele etc.

Der Text kam ins Stocken, wie alle Texte, die ich nach dem "Tod" meiner ersten Festplatte verfassen wollte. Übrigens packe ich "Banne mit Laughcraft" und "Im Bett mit Herrn Hammerschmidt" nicht auf diese Seite.
Oben Unten