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AW: [Nobilis] Unlikely Flowerings

Rebecca Borgstrom über den Status Quo von Nobilis:
Rebecca Borgstrom schrieb:
Where Nobilis is At
and why

I want Nobilis players to enjoy the game and have fun.

I let Mr. MacKinnon's currently unexplained default on thousands of dollars of income and his failure to return the remaining copies of Nobilis get in the way of my progress on that.

I regret that, and I apologize to you all.

I think that a lot of the energy that drove Nobilis back when was James Wallis'. I can't explain exactly how that works — why I'd call it his energy when I was doing all the writing and he was marveling at the pace. But it really was. He had a vision for what he wanted to do with Nobilis, and the flexibility to work with what I could give him, and that energy and that vision drove the second edition. I just ran errands between his vision and my muse.

It's a rare and precious thing, vision.

I was kind of lame and didn't grasp that at first, so I spent a very long time after Hogshead closed shop not knowing why writing on Society of Flowers had stopped — why, 130,000 words in, I wasn't closing it off.

And that's where things stayed for a very long time.

I resisted for a long time the idea of reprinting Nobilis in any other format. Hogshead printed up a marvel, but a printing at standard size would need to be . . . different.

Oh, the new printing will be marvelous, you understand.

I'm expecting something amazing, something wild and zhiguai, dangerous and beautiful. But there is pain, too, because a new printing means in some way, to a small degree more, the beauty that is the Hogshead edition passes from the world.

And so for a while I forgot my priorities, and I thought that was important; and, I guess, it really is important, but not as important as this.

I want people to enjoy the game and have fun, and that includes people who don't have a copy of the book.

So I've decided to work with Eos Press and do a new release of the book.

Why not an indie-style creator-owned kind of thing? Why work with a publisher, when my last one was practically a cautionary tale?

Mostly, I like Eos Press.

I believe that they are good people, and I would rather work with them to make a new release than do it on my own.

So there's that.

I'd also like to have a more open development process than I've used before. One thing I am doing right now is taking what I have and laying it out for release as PDFs. The first part of the book that was A Society of Flowers has gone up on the Eos Press website and also as a $5 release through DriveThruRPG.

Why free? Why free and $5?

To be honest, because I want to make it possible for you to use this in your games even if you don't want to buy it; and also I want to make money. And it is my belief that I can have my cake and give it away too. Buy it if you feel like buying it. Download it for free if you don't. I'm not going to tell you how to decide whether you're rich enough to afford it or whether it's worth the money; you're all adults (except those of you who aren't.)

I trust the universe to ensure I have enough money for my needs. ^_^

There are a lot of things I want to do. It's my inclination not to over-steer; that is, I'm going to write what I write and I'm going to — if the details work out — let Eos Press plan out supplements I don't necessarily have anything to do with.

(Well, not that they would, I know Brad would run anything past me before doing it, but you know, I'm not planning on chaining them to me, is the thing.)

Nagging at the edge of my mind is Fires of Creation. Let me talk about that a bit.

I have no idea where the drafts for that are. I have no idea what to do about them. I know I never promised anyone money on that but I don't know if Hogshead or Guardians or anyone did and didn't pay (or did pay!) I know I had a beautiful frame story for it and I don't remember what it was. It makes me reluctant to touch it.

It's possible Soula managed to pull together some of that data in the years I had no way to afford a print run; and it's possible that Bruce might still have the rest.

Reasonably speaking, the easiest thing to do is for anyone who wrote part of that to contact Eos Press and see if Eos can pull together the book. I'd like that, but I'm not going to make assumptions about anyone else.

I'm planning to proceed with laying out the rest of Society of Flowers, then see how I feel about filling in the last few holes. If there's some reason I can't, then I'm probably going to ask Eos to hire some freelancer to fill them in, since I know exactly where they are. I may also release some of the very early drafts for fun.

Going forward from here, I expect Nobilis to be back on the shelves this year; I expect more of the peculiar books such as I'm releasing today; and I'm pretty much expecting real supplements in the coming years.

A lot of my energy is going right now to a project in the computer gaming industry I can't talk about yet, plus a game that I can't talk about yet, but the above all seems pretty solid.

None of this should be taken as an official release on behalf of Eos Press. That's up to them! I'm just saying what things look like from my perspective.

(was: R. Sean Borgstrom)


AW: [Nobilis] Unlikely Flowerings

Uha, neue Auflage: Das klingt zwar schön, aber wie so häufig scheint die dann wieder zum "Standartformat" zu greifen. (Schade.)
Aber das könnte immerhin doch noch was werden, falls die Borgstrom tatsächlich noch was für dieses RPG schreiben sollte. (Auch wenn mittlerweile wohl mit Scion eine ziemlich starker Konkurrent plötzlich aufgetaucht ist.)


Runnin' Like Hell
AW: [Nobilis] Unlikely Flowerings

Außer daß Borgstrom meines Wissens an Scion mitgeschrieben hat. ;)
AW: [Nobilis] Unlikely Flowerings

Dann könntest du genauso gut Exalted aufführen. Und da würde ich sogar noch eher zustimmen.



AW: [Nobilis] Unlikely Flowerings

Scion und Nobilis sind auch nicht näher beieinander als Nobilis und Mage.
Dennoch scheinen Scion und Nobilis eine gewisse Thematische verwandschaft zu haben. (Zumindest soweit man die Werbetexte von Scion sich so durchliest. Selbst besitzen tue ich die erweiterte Trilogie nicht.)
AW: [Nobilis] Unlikely Flowerings

Sicher. Deshalb habe ich auch Mage als "Gegen"beispiel gewählt. Es gibt eine ganze Reihe von Spielen, die ähnliche Konzepte aufgreifen (speziell zu Scion und Nobilis gab es auch früher schon einmal einen Thread), aber ich würde nie so weit gehen und von einer wirklichen "Konkurrenz" sprechen. Dafür sind auch diese beiden Spiele - trotz Gemeinsamkeiten - noch zu weit voneinander entfernt.