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Nächste Woche, zum 2d20-Tag, gibt es dann die erste Fassung der 2d20-SRD:

The SRD is a toolkit that will allow creators to craft their own 2d20-based role-playing games and supplements. It explains all the core mechanics of the system, making it so game designers can create exciting experiences around Modiphius’ cinematic high-action and dramatic ruleset. The SRD will be available as a downloadable PDF 0n 7/20/2022.

(aus dem Modiphius Newsletter von gestern)


Es wird dann auch den inzwischen üblichen "Community Content via DTRPG" geben und sogar eine kommerzielle 2d20-Lizenz für andere Verlage, die 2d20-Produkte produzieren und verkaufen wollen:

2d20 World Builders Press Release
Today, tabletop games creator and publisher Modiphius Entertainment is kicking summer off in style with the unveiling of two new initiatives focused on expanding content for its 2d20 tabletop gaming system. July 20, 2022 marks the launch of a commercial licensing program that allows publishers to create roleplaying game products using the 2d20 system, along with the upcoming launch of the 2d20 World Builders program. This DriveThruRPG Community Content initiative will allow fans to design and sell their own gaming creations based on 2d20 games!

Launching in late August, the 2d20 World Builders program will enable creators to produce free or commercial content for their own worlds or Modiphius’ in-house IPs including Achtung! Cthulhu and Cohors Cthulhu. Modiphius’ special 2d20 online portal will promote selected 2d20 community content launched through the program.

Modiphius has also announced today a commercial licensing program. The company will support partners with rules consultation, logistics and printing advice, PR and social media promotion, and newsletters as part of the program. The team is also keen to support small creators and publishers who may need help with distribution, and in select cases, Modiphius will consider distribution and sales of product lines through their own websites and channels using the VIA Modiphius program. Interested partners should contact [email protected].

“Our commercial licensing program will let partners produce core books, which typically sell five times better than supplements,” said Chris Birch, Chief Creative Officer and co-founder at Modiphius. “As part of the program, we will support partners with a whole range of logistics and marketing. Our goal is to help them become a commercial and creative success.”
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