Hölle auf Erden Law Dogs in Wasted West


Ja, im Weltbeschreibungsband "The Wasted West". - Die Law Dogs sind ja nur eine kleine Gruppe an "Einzelkämpfern", die durch den verstrahlten Westen ziehen und Recht und Gesetz mit ihrem Schießeisen verbreiten.

Was willst Du denn genau darüber wissen?


Im Kompendium steht, dass es eine Erweiterung geben wird. Ich kannte die bislang nur noch nicht. Hat mich nur mal Interessiert, ob es etwas zum weiteren Background gibt. Was für "Befugnisse", Einfluss, etc es gäbe...


In welchem "Kompendium"? - Beziehst Du Dich jetzt auf Deadlands: Hell on Earth (also nach den Deadlands Classic Regeln) oder Hell on Earth: Reloaded (nach den Savage Worlds Regeln)?


ich bin und bleibe classic :)

Law Dogs
Just a quick note about Jo’s comments on the
Agency. Those few insane individuals who claim
to have been “Agents” are actually telling the
truth. Something happened in their final days
that drove many of them insane. We’ll reveal just
what that was in a future Hell on Earth supplement


Frage auf Gamerz.net aus dem Jahre 2003:
I'm looking for some canon info on Law Dogs... I need to do some
reading, but the main book and some source-books (such as Iron Oasis)
leave things a bit vague as to how organized the Law Dogs are, their
level of networking, etc...

Any suggestions?

Antworten - teils aus verschiedenen Mails:
Not that I have seen, there is a little bit in the iron oasis book where
their main HQ is.
maybe in a future epitaph perhaps, but i got the impression they were a very
small group and it was being left to marshalls to do as they please.
In den paar erschienenen Epitaph-Magazinen war leider nichts über die Law Dogs drin.

Hier ging es darum, ob sich ein separates Buch für die HoE-Law-Dogs lohnen würde (für die im Weird West gibt es ja eines):
Almost all of the source material says that the Law Dogs are a very very
loose nit organization. There is no Law Dog H.Q. for the most part, No Law
Dog Academy, No real Law Dog organization, No real Law Dog Membership
requirements. Really its just a bunch of people who said lets bring some
law into the west. Although there is some mention of the first law dog,
there really isn't a whole lot of history there IMHO. Surely not enough to
float an entire Splat book.
I just don't think there is enough there for a Source book. I kinda like
the fact that Law Dogs are nice and simple(You carry a badge, you enforce
the law).
Zur gleichen Frage nach einem Quellenband zu den Gesetzeshütern:
Really, no, there isn't. there is the basic Law Dog edge in the main
book. Cole Ballad is a big shot well known Law Dog and Jenny Hise, a
templar Martyr was a Law Dog. The JLA (Junkyard Law Association) is a
loose group of Law Dogs in Junkyard run by a fellow named Spencer Vaugn
("Iron Oasis"). The California Highway Patrol has some members that are
current or former Law Dogs. And in the Maze there are the Fishermen, a
group of Law Dogs that take to the channels and defend survivors from
pirates and other nasty things. The most famous of them is a huge guy
called Damien. They generally work alone and carry harpoons. Aside from
whats in the main books that's all there is on the Law Dogs

Und hier nahm sich jemand die Law Dogs mal etwas unter die Lupe:
Whenever you discuss 'the major players', you should remember that
communication is totally down in the Wasted West and as a result, there is a
very limted ability for groups to get more members.

This means that groups like the Cult of doom just don't have the ability
to become an everywhere plague on the entire watsed West, yet. They're
messing up southern Nevada real good, but beyond that, they have their
occasional mutie village and their occasional missionary band. So a couple
hundred actual robes plus maybe ten thousand believers in Souther Nevada plus
believers here and there.
Templars? One or two hundred of them MAX
The Chamber, maybe two hundred folks.
The Purple Grapes? also very few. maybe one hundred.

Now Junkyard actually has quite a few people and resources, so they would
be a MAJOR player, but their direct influence is very localized. I'd say
more than 150 miles away, they're little more than legend. Except from the
point of view of The Convoy.
Throckmorton, well, it's more fun if he has LOTS. He does have the
resources to ravel the wastes despite the road gangs and to do so quickly,
and recruit and give them big guns, and to bring resources back and to turn
them into unstoppable robotic war machines.

So, what does this have to do with the Law Dogs? They gathered BEFORE
communication shut down. They were a nationwide group BEFORE communication
shut down. and when the bombs fell, they lost many members, but they still
had contacts, methods, and abilities to rebuild. These guys were not founded
by some Accountant from Boise, no, these guys had been organized for
centuries, and they had to rebuild before, and they would know how to do it
I would say in just about every town, would be a tin star, just one,
owned by someone whose predecessor says 'when someone else comes with one of
these, help them'.
Remnants of the texas rangers, to The Agency, to FBI, to the ATF. These
men and women have been getting posse's together for centuries, deputizing,
expanding, organizing.
They're not flashy, but if any force of good would have tendrils
everywhere, it would be the Law Dogs. Most in the Wasted West have only
heard hushed rumors about Templars, but the vast majority have seen a Law
Dog, or bands of them.

So, what do the Law Dogs bring to the table? Manpower. These guys Run
the River Watch. Think about how many men and resources The River Watch
would take? Even done poorly! When I run the Boise Horror, Cole Ballad
will find it funny that his group wasn't invited to the meeting. "Don't
worry'" he'll say, "We'll save their asses anyway".
Law Dogs simply outnumber everyone else (Except the Combine). They're
spread out, everywhere, They're ignored, which suits them fine, it lets them
do their damn job. But of the forces of good, I think the Law Dogs are the
only one which could field 10,000 armed men.

Each with a Tin Star.
Das sehe ich ja ÜBERHAUPT NICHT so, denn Law Dogs sind - wie die Entstehungshistorie der Templer ja zeigt, gerade diejenigen, die auch von ansonsten nicht "bösartigen" Überlebenden oft ans Messer geliefert werden. Derart hohe Zahlen an (ehemaligen) Gesetzeshütern halte ich für komplett unpassend und unstimmig.
Sicher dürfte es mehr als Templer geben, aber so viele auch wieder nicht, daß sie zahlenmäßig dem Kombinat unter Throckmorton das Wasser reichen könnten.
Und desorganisiert sind sie ja auch! Keine übergeordnete Kommunikation seitdem die Bomben fielen! Lauter "Einzelkämpfer".

Auf diesen Auszug aus The Wasted West bezogen:
Law Dogs
Just a quick note about Jo’s comments on the
Agency. Those few insane individuals who claim
to have been “Agents” are actually telling the
truth. Something happened in their final days
that drove many of them insane. We’ll reveal just
what that was in a future Hell on Earth supplement
Dazu steht was im "Denver"-Quellenband unter "The Agency Offices".


Danke für die Mühe :)
Ich sehe das ähnlich wie zu der manpower. Halte ich für etwas übertrieben. Aber schade, dass es keine ähnliche Ergänzung gibt wie für weird west. oder nur was kleines. Aber wir werden auch so durchkommen :)
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