[FS] Shipping Costs Disaster

Lulu, our printer and distributor, has changed International shipping prices without warning. That would normally not have been a problem, but the pricing increase is so extreme (EUR 70 per book just for shipping!) that we first thought it was a bug. Sadly, it isn\'t, although we don\'t understand this new pricing policy--especially since it is coupled with a general increase in production prices.At the moment, only hardcover books shipped to destinations outside the US are affected, as they are the only books manufactured in the US (softcovers are printed in other international facilities, and thus shipping remains inexpensive). Of course, a large number of our customers are from Europe and want hardcovers, which is what makes the situation so bad.We are terribly sorry about the inconvenience to our International customers! This is something out of our control. RedBrick isn\'t the only publisher affected and Lulu is currently receiving a lot of negative response to this situation. We hope they come up with a solution very soon. As a result, we are urgently looking at alternative methods of getting our books printed and distributed.Update: It seems Lulu has reacted to all this and is sorting out prices. Shipping should be set back to sane levels very soon. Click here for more information.

von Dammi