[Zombie Run] Neue Edges


t. Sgeyerog :DDDDD
Ein paar neue Edges für Zombie Run.

Die letzten beiden sind leicht übernatürlich und daher hochgradig optional. Inspiration war da eine Andeutung im Zombie Survival Guide zu Kenntnissen afrikanischer Kulturen über Zombies und ein Teil Dialog in Dawn of the Dead. (You know Macumba? Voodoo. My granddad was a priest in Trinidad. He used to tell us, "When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.")

Pyromaniac (Combat Edge)
Novice, Spirit d6+, Guts d6+
This hero is skilled at targeting a flaming weapon (molotov cocktails, torches etc.) where it has the best chance of starting a fire.
If this hero hits with a flame, the chance to catch fire is improved by 1 (i.e., a molotov cocktail that normally catches fire on a 6 on a d6 catches instead fire on a 5-6 on a d6). This edge can never improve the chance beyond 2-6 on d6.

Burn And Pillage (Combat Edge)
Seasoned, Pyromaniac
As Pyromaniac, but chances are improved by 2 (so 6 in d6 becomes 4-6 in d6).​
Measured Shots (Leadership Edge)
Seasoned, Command, Guts d6+, Shooting d8+
A leader with this Edge knows how to keep his men calm and measured, how to prevent triggerhappy waste of lead, and how to keep up the old motto "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes". Whenever the ammo level would drop due to the end of the battle or a dealt deuce, there is a 50% chance that the ammo level will instead stay the same.

Mallrat (Professional Edge)
Requirements: Novice, Luck
The character has been scavenging abandonded structures for a long time and has a nose for finding valuable resources.
At every successful scavenging attempt, he draws one additional card. Raises don't increase the amount of bonus cards, but multiple mallrats may scavenge in the same spot to receive multiple bonus cards.

Voodoo Doctor (Weird Edge)
Requirements: Novice, Knowledge (Herbalism) d6+, Knowledge (Voodoo) d6+
The character is a voodoo doctor. He may collect and create herbal remedies (Use Hedge Magic in Hellfrost Player's Guide p.45ff or Alchemie in Wildes Aventurien p.12f).
In addition to the standard recipes, he knows the following remedies:
Camouflage De Cimetière (-1): This makes the character smell like rotten meat. It gives him a Charisma penalty of -2, but also negates the Life Sense of zombies. Lasts 1 hour.
Fragrance De La Vie (0): This internally applied remedy makes the character smell extremely strongly of fresh blood, garlic, thuja or any other scent symbolizing life. In either case, it makes zombies know that dinner is served. Life Sense bonus is increased by 2 to +4, and zombies gain +1 to hit the character. Lasts for a prolonged time, with a Vigor roll every day to get it out of the system. It is mostly used as a kind of curse, more rarely to bait zombies.
Fragrance De La Vie II (-2): As above, but the daily vigor roll is made at -2.
Tête Réduite (-3): This remedy requires the cleanly cut-off, unliving head of zombie in addition to the herbal ingredients. If successful, it turns the zombie head into a compact, still unliving shrunken head. It weighs 1 pounds and inflicts the zombie's biting damage in melee (along with zombie infection). It can be attached to a pole to gain 1' Reach, at the cost of an added weight of 5. Additionally, anyone with the Voodoo Doctor edge can use it to "dowse" for living beings by observing its cues (Life Sense as long as the head is openly wielded).
Vapeurs Salées (-2): Legends of zombies being destroyed by tasting salt are largely exaggerated, but it does greatly irritate their scent-dependent senses. This remedy creates a salty, drying aerosol in a Large Burst Template. Zombies inside the area act like in total darkness (-6 perception). Lasts 3 rounds.

Serviteur des Loas (Weird Edge)
Requirements: Novice, Voodoo Doctor; additional requirements depend on Loa
The character has entered a special bond with a particular Loa. Whether through auto-suggestion or actual divine intervention, he may invoke his loa's miracle for himself or an ally by spending a benny and making a successful Knowledge (Voodoo) roll. The miracle lasts for 15 minutes (1 hour with a raise).
This edge can only be acquired once per rank, each time applying to a different Loa.
Agwe: (Boating or Swimming d6+) On a successful scavenging roll, the character finds 1d6 water rations in addition to anything else. +2 to Boating and Swimming and can swim at his full pace.
Azaca: (Survival d6+) On a successful scavenging roll, the character finds 1d3 food rations in addition to anything else. +2 to Knowledge (Herbalism) and Survival.
Damballah: (Smarts d8+) The character may ask three questions about the future. The question has to be answerable with Yes, No or Maybe. (So you can ask "Are there zombies in Monroeville mall?" or "Will the survivors in that church attack us?", but you may not ask "How many zombies are in Monroeville mall?" or "What do the survivors in that church want?".)
Each question, the player draws a card, with the following effects:
Black: The GM has to tell the truth.
Red: The GM is allowed to lie (but not required to).
Joker: The GM has to tell the truth, and the player may ask an additional question.
Erzulie: (positive Charisma) On a successful scavenging roll, the character draws (Charisma/2) additional clubs cards in addition to anything else. +2 to Persuasion and Taunt.
Legba: (Knowledge (Voodoo) d8+) The character can invoke any other Loa at the cost of an additional benny. He must still fulfill the necessary requirements for the particular loa.
Loco: (Knowledge (Herbalism) d8+, Healing d6+): +2 to Healing and Knowledge (Herbalism)
Obatala: (Healing d6+) On a successful scavenging roll, the character finds d3 medical supplies in addition to anything else. +2 to Healing and Persuasion.
Ogoun: (Knowledge (Battle) d6+, Fighting d6+, Shooting d6+): +2 to Mass Battle rolls, +4 to Toughness vs fire.
Samedi: (Guts d8+, Taunt d6+): Hardy
Shango: (Guts d6+, Intimidation d6+) The character gains Berserk. While berserk, he has Immunity (Fire).
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