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Fading Suns [Fading Suns] News


This year, James and I are going to take part in the wonder that is Dragon*Con. We have been told by our industry friends that it is a great mix of Gen Con's gaming and Comic Con's costumes. I will have my camera in a holster by the end of the week. =)

We will be sharing a booth with Holistic Inc and yes, we will be working there. If you plan on attending, come and look us up. I'll post more on what kind of stuff you can expect to see from RedBrick at the con a little closer to the date as we nail things down.

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People kept asking, so here I return since it's been a while since I actually posted a full blog entry. Sorry for the silence--I simply haven't found too much time to blog, and resorted to posting smaller updates on facebook (see the link to your left!).

To make it up to you, here's a little treat; something I've been asked about every now and then: what products are coming up next? After getting a lot of stuff converted to Third Edition, our production schedule is now gearing towards new material. So here's the books we have planned:

Lost Dynasty
A fully detailed adventure set in Landis by Hank Woon, including a chapter from the Great Library detailing the History of Landis.

Legends of Barsaive
This book contains stories, tales, and legends from the lands of Barsaive, and will include the results of our Open Call.

Nations of Barsaive V: Blood Wood
The title says it all, I think--the book will be a rework of the old first edition title, laying the groundwork for the next book.

Elven Nations
Detailing the remains of the Western Kingdoms and Shosara, this tome provides detail on the rich elven culture beyond the Blood Wood.

Jerris: City of Ash
This city book takes us back to Barsaive, visiting the city closest to the Poison Forest and the Wastes.

Nations of Barsaive VI: Iopos
Probably the final instalment in the Nations of Barsaive series, this book details the home and history of the Denairastas clan.

These contain the main building blocks we need to publish our own epic, Chronicles of War, which will finally push the the brewing conflict between Throal and Thera over the edge. We have a few other titles on our list and in drafting stage, which might see the light of day in between or afterwards. There isn't too much I can tell about those at this stage, however.

We'll also see more novels, including the original trilogy by Christopher Kubasik and the continuation of Scars by Caroline Spector. While it has been silent around the Shards in the past months, there's been a bit of activity which might lead to more of those--and hopefully to a third compilation at some point. Oh well!



Having struggled with the worlds of the Phoenix Empire for months, I am now finally done. It will be nice to take on a fresh assignment after having been occupied with the planet catalogue for so long. But this has been very interesting indeed, scouring through every FS sourcebooks for clues and details and inspiration. Below you will find a sample planet for your pleasure (But keep in mind that this is a pre-edit text, so never mind the broken English ;) ).

So, what



Character Bios
Shawn: Carth Valentari;
An elf bowman Archer enslaved by the Therans while he was hunting in the Servos Jungle. Carth is slowly being drawn to the dark path of the sniper, and fits in well with the Usurpers as an assassin and wilderness scout. Art: Tyr Shadowheart;
A human infiltrator Scout enslaved by the Therans for attempting to scout and infiltrate the Ayodhya Liferock. Joined the Usurpers without hesitation, as if joining a powerful group such as ours would protect him from some old enemies. Gary: Erthriel;
An obsidiman Sky Raider assassin specialist who works for the Silent Shepherds. An old friend of



Cathay Quest


Character Bios
Art: Lional;
A ki mao Scout hired by Syrion to track the killer who had slain everyone in his village.
Gary: Syrion;
A human Nethermancer whose village had been destroyed two years ago while he was outside the village gathering herbs and alchemy ingredients. The people of his village were found drained of all life energy, and four of them had their skeletons removed through their mouth, leaving only the body behind. Syrion vowed revenge and became a Nethermancer in order to find and kill whatever had wiped out his village. After a year and a half of apprenticeship, he found hired Lional to help him find the killer. He has been searching for six months for the killer when he found the remnants of a battle between the Xan Monks and the mysterious Samurai. Four of the Xan monks had been found with their skeletons removed much like in Syrion

neue Auflage des Space Opera Rollenspiels Cyric meldet auf seinem Blog was ganz interessantes. Fading Suns soll in die 3. Runde gehen. Die Infos stammtaus dem RedBrick Forum und besagt das im ersten Quartal diesen Jahres das Fading Suns Player’s Guide, im Quartal 2 das Fading Suns Gamemaster’s Guide und im dritten Quartal dann weitere Veröffentlichungen wie ein FS Handbuch sowie ein Download Abenteuer (Shard) pro Quartal erscheinen sollen. Flitz am besten rüber zu Cyric der hat noch ein paar mehr Infos Copyright © 2008 Dominik für den Rollenspiel Almanach. ============================================================= Rollenspiele gibts beim Sphärenmeister ============================================================= ============================================================= Danke für das Abonnieren meines Feeds! Der Almanach – Dein Blog mit täglich frischen News aus der deutsch- und englischsprachigen Rollenspiel-Szene. Merkwürdig geschriebene Berichte über interessante Dinge! (Digital Fingerprint: e1a7e4fd78c4d9275a3b9b5c268c7021) Fading Suns, RedBrick, Space Opera Verwandte Artikel Vampire City (1) Spielleiten Rezension (5) SpacePirates (0) Short-Cuts Abenteuer Download (0) Sci-Fi Settings für FATE (0)

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Letztes Jahr haben wir die Recht an Fading Suns übernommen, um das Kult-Rollenspiel um das neue Dunkle Zeitalter in der fernen Zukunft am Leben und fit für die nahe Zukunft zu halten. Aktuell haben wir aber erstmal eine Sammlung der bestehenden Fading Suns-Bände für euch über Bundle of Holding, die zwei verschiedene Pakete anbieten.

Die Bundles findet ihr hier:

Bundle of Holding: Fading Suns


Starter Collection

Für Einsteiger finden sich in diesem Bundle Spielleiter- und Spielerhandbücher, die Weltenbeschreibung und mit Star Crusade eine Kampagne, um ins sechste Jahrtausend zu starten. Wie auch die Bonus Collection handelt es sich um DRM-freie PDFs, allesamt auf Englisch.

Bonus Collection

Das zweite Bundle ist eine Ergänzung und liefert vor allem mehr Hintergrundmaterial zur Welt von Fading Suns wie zu den Adelshäusern und Priestern, erweitert aber auch die Kampagne Star Crusade um weitere Welten. Die Bonus Collection macht also nur zusammen mit der Starter Collection Sinn oder wenn ihr schon Besitzer der grundlegenden Bände von Fading Suns seid.

Für einen guten Zweck

Zehn Prozent der Einnahmen von diesen Bundles of Holding gehen an die internationale humanitäre Organisation Ärzte ohne Grenzen und an das Kinderhospiz Bärenherz, das Ulisses seit Jahren unterstützt.

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