Proverbial Monsters für CtL




In der PDF werden eine Reihe von Sprichwörtern aufgegriffen und für die nWoD aufgearbeitet. Dazu gibt es dann je ein Beispiel für eine passende Geschichte.

• You will have seven years of bad luck if you break a mirror. You might just call a strange creature to you.
• Step on a crack and break your mother’s back. The monster within the earth will hear you, and your mother will break her back carrying your dead body to its grave.
• Walking under a ladder is bad luck. It may not be a ladder you walk under – or through – and who knows what you will bring through with you.
• Picking a five-leaf clover brings bad luck. It doesn’t belong to you. Its owner wants it back, and it wants revenge for your theft as well.
• Unless you were born in October, the wearing of an opal will be ill-fated. Only the Children of Autumn may wear my sigil. Those who dare to wear what is not their birthright will pay.
• All that glitters is not gold. Greed calls to greed. Those who seek to steal my treasures will become my feast instead.
• It is bad luck to completely rake out a fire on the hearth – a few embers should always be left burning. Bright and shining, you call to me and I come. Snuff out the burning guardian and I will bring you a death of burning ash for my own pleasure.
• Never open an umbrella inside a house or you will draw back luck to you. Do you mock me, you mortal of flesh and bone? Do you think I do not care for you and this house well enough? Fine. I’ll show you what a cursed house can do.
• Never take flowers from a grave or you will be the next to be in a grave. Never take from the dead, for we are angry and vengeful and have long memories
Und dann steht da noch...
Proverbial Monsters plays upon common fears and superstitions. It can be used in almost any of the World of Darkness games, but works especially well with the themes detailed in the World of Darkness Rulebook, Innocents, Hunter: the Vigil and Changeling: the Lost.
... ja, definitiv, super Material gerade für CtL und deshalb packe ich es auch in den CtL Bereich und nicht unter die allgemeinen nWoD Überschrift.

Die einleitende Geschichte findet sich hier.


AW: Proverbial Monsters für CtL

Und was das Geld betrifft ... für 6.11 € auch nicht zu teuer.
(Wobei ich bei knappen Budget auf jeden Fall Goblin Markets (4,75€) in Sachen Lost-PDFs den Vorzug geben würde.)
AW: Proverbial Monsters für CtL

Ich will lieber Hardcovers. ;_; Klar, besser als gar nicht, aber so... Naja, mal sehen, findet bestimmt noch seinen Weg auf meine Platte.