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Dieses Thema im Forum "Savage Worlds" wurde erstellt von Tsu, 9. Dezember 2011.

  1. Kardohan

    Kardohan Gelehrter des Hoenir & Schreiber des Qedeshet

    [Mystical Throne Entertainment]Ultimate Characters Guide: Psionics
    A.J. Preece
    Pages: 57
    Prices: €4,50 (DriveThruRPG/RPGNow)

    Ultimate Characters Guide: Psionics is designed to guide you through the world of psionic talents, open up new psionic areas to explore, and broaden the psionic characters many players bring to the table. This is done through character options and the supporting content that allows you to stylize your psionic character.

    For GMs, Ultimate Characters Guide: Psionics presents a psionic bestiary, micro-setting, and adventure guideline along with the supporting content that enhances the understanding of what a psionicist is capable of.

    Ultimate Characters Guide: Psionics includes:
    • What it means to be a psionicist
    • Over 25 ways to manifest psionic Powers (i.e. Trappings)
    • New Characer Concepts, Hindrances, and Edges
    • New Powers with a psionic style
    • Psionic gear
    • Psionic bestiary
    • A micro-setting
    • ... And more!
    Ultimate Characters Guide: Psionics helps you get more out of your psionic characters by adding depth to what makes them a psionicist. It is not a standalone book, but can be used in any setting and genre.
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  2. Kardohan

    Kardohan Gelehrter des Hoenir & Schreiber des Qedeshet

    Große Vorschau

    [Just Insert Imagination] Aliens vs Rednecks
    Authors: Eric Lamoureux, Harrison Hunt
    Pages: 20
    Prices: Pay What You Want (DriveThruRPG/RPGNow)

    Can't run your usual game, running a Con game or looking for something short to introduce new players? Just Insert Imagination has you covered.

    Lights flash in the sky above a small town. Few people witness this, as they are getting ready for a big celebration in town. What has landed in the forest, what does this visitation mean for the town and will their love of earth beer get in the way of the mission?

    In Aliens vs. Rednecks the players play a group of aliens sent to a small redneck town to abduct a beauty pageant winner. Her DNA might hold the salvation of the planet Klarrg. The problem is that with so many dead, the fate of the planet rests on the shoulders of a few inept volunteers. Will they be able to resist the parties, escape capture and bring back the correct person?

    Aliens vs. Rednecks is the new hilarious and crazy plug & play adventure from Just Insert Imagination.

    In the document (that is designed to fit inside a GM screen) you will find:
    • setting rules
    • twists and complications to use
    • npc's
    • 5 pre-generated characters
    • a blank character sheet to create your own alien
    • table tents
    • town map
    • figure flats
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