Tausche Munchkin

looking for any of the release items and most of the promo cards and a white misprint die, have all but 2 us promo cards, bookmarks, and coins to exchange


Endwahnsinniger Sammler
AW: Munchkin

I could offer:

-Blutschwert der Macht (signed by Hoffi or unsigned)

-John Kovalic zeichnet ein Wanderndes Monster


-Kleiner Held-Mietling


-Mein kleiner Cthulhu


AW: Munchkin

step and a half and mug the shop keeper, i dont have heart of the anomaly either but thats not an official card so i dont count it though i would gladly accept one


AW: Munchkin

Sorry, I thought Compushark would give you his "Piratten"...

If you don´t have the "Piratten" already, write a PN to me, I can send you one...


AW: Munchkin

I´ve read somewhere, that they found a box of cards, right after the convention and that will got "some" of ´em
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