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    Munchkin Zombie Charity Auction

    I Need to do Something - A Jack Vasel Auction | BoardGameGeek Another last-minute entry . . . we got 12 samples of Munchkin Zombies from the printer, and we'll send one to the winner, two months before it'll be available in stores. We'll also include the Zombie Santa promotional card, and...
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    Original Munchkin Zombies cover artwork for charity

    John Kovalic is eBaying the original artwork for Munchkin Zombies for charity. read more here:
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    Munchkin Boxes of Holding

    Munchkin Boxes of Holding I managed to get 542 cards into each box.
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    Munchkin Water auction

    Today I auctioned of a bottle of Munchkin Water for €15 at a charity auction. Is a bottle of MW worth that much, would you say?
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    Besitzer der Munchkin Cookies

    I've got six. Or is this taunting :nana:
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    Munchkin Quest Munchkin Quest Pre-Release Auction

    Steve Jackson Games has a Munchkin Quest pre-release auction up on eBay: Pre-Release Munchkin Quest Charity Auction - eBay (item 140273946148 end time Oct-15-08 13:10:36 PDT)
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    Polish Munchkin

    Another country falls under the sway of Munchkin. This time it's Poland. Published by Q-Workshop the release date is 22 August 2008 and the price will be 79.90 Zloty (About € 24 or $ 37). The game will include 165 card, of which 4 will be new cards containing artwork by John Kovalic. It will...
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    Wicked Munchkin Die RPG DICE, D&D Dice, D20, CUSTOM DICE, Manufacturer, Producer Crafted for the worldwide acclaimed MUNCHKIN™ game series from Steve Jackson Games - this is something really, really…wicked. An oversized D10 featuring artwork from John Kovalic - with every side showing a...
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    Munchkin Survey - SJGames

    Hallo all, Steve Jackson Games has issued a survey: The general announcement to they survey will be made soon on the Daily Illuminator, but you are getting the possibility to fill it out before the rush. The link to the...
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    FlickR Munchkin photo group

    I've created a group on FlickR where you can add your Munchkin related photos to:
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    Munchkin Collection

    Munchkin Munchkin Collection
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    It's all Greek to me.

    I've finaly got my hand on Greek Munchkin Greek Munchkin Still lacking: Hungarian and Brazilian Munchkins.
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    Munchkin Wasser Frage

    Bin ich die erste dies das Wasser gesehen hast? It includes rules, and shipping from W23 to Europe is Horrendous: The shipping cost is $5,60 per bottle.
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    Great Cthulhu is Here

    Well, It's here here. I guess it'll soon be near you. Jan Hendriks Cthuloid Cultist
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